The Oricon Japan website compiled the data from the first week of sales of volume 5 of the manga in Japan. It’s been available since March 2, 2018, and this book had the second-best debut of the series so far, ranking third in the top 50 most sold manga in Japan in the week of February 26 to March 4, 2018, with up to 121,293 copies.

Although volume 5 increases the position in the ranking, the total is right below the 150,889 copies of volume 4 sold in its debut. But considering that volume 5 still sold 121,000 copies in just two days (and volume 4 almost 151,000 in three days) I can confirm the positive trend conquered by the manga, which now consolidates the over one hundred thousand copies since the first week. Let’s look at the details.


Volume 5 sales

WEEK 1: February 26th – March 4, 2018, 3rd place: 121,293 copies sold.

Total: 121,293 copies sold.

The book’s title translated from Japanese to English is: “The Decisive Battle! Farewell, Trunks!” it’s produced in the tankōbon format with 192 pages of content divided between chapters 25-28 of the story, which corresponds to the final of the Mirai Trunks arc (Future Trunks), and the official debut of the fifth and last narrative arc of the series: Universal Survival.

The extras are: a series of masterpieces intertwined between the chapters; the special mini-episode of two pages about Future Trunks “at the present” published in the promotional volume “Book’s Guide - Jump Victory Carnival 2017.” The volume is available to purchase online and on Japanese bookstores for 432 yen.

Born as a complementary narrative, the manga is designed by the master Toyotaro under Akira Toriyama’s supervision. The series is currently on episode 33, the seventh episode of the Universal Survival Arc.

The three first volumes

The manga is published in Italy for the Edizioni Star Comics publishing house. The three first volumes are available now at newsstands, comic stores, and libraries, since April 26, 2017; May 24, 2017, and October 25, 2017, respectively. The three books include the narrative arcs of "The Battle of the Gods," "the Champa Arc," and the first part of the "Mirai Trunks Arc.


Volume 4," with the second part of the "Mirai Trunks Arc" expected on April 26th, 2018.

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