As we were all led to believe, “Dragon Ball Super” will have its final episode [VIDEO] on March 25. The fight between Universe 11’s strongest warrior Jiren and Universe 7’s Saiyan fighter will come to its conclusion. Also, the Tournament of Power will have its winner by that time. Nevertheless, the intense battle between these two warriors has unlocked a mystery in the Dragon Ball universe: the Ultra Instinct. Because of this, fans wanted to see more exciting fights not only between Goku’s current contender but also against other universes that are not part of the tournament.

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Akira Toriyama shakes the whole planet wild

Just when the fans have finally accepted that “Dragon Ball Super” will be moving on towards its final episode, the series’ original creator Akira Toriyama gave an enigmatic statement, saying “Now then, the animated version on TV will be ending for the time being…” This statement has literally got fans excited and positively interpreted Toriyama’s statement.

The anime series may be ending [VIDEO], but the manga version has just started to kick it up another notch. The battle for the Universe Survival has just begun, and the pacing is a little fast compared to the anime version. In the manga, the Yardrat warrior was knocked out as soon as the Grand Priest gave the signal to begin the tournament. What’s more interesting is that Jiren can be seen fighting, in contrast to his uninterested attitude in the anime.

Another Dragon Ball movie this year?

So far, the only known continuation of the series will be the upcoming Dragon Ball movie. The film is still untitled, but Toei Animation said that it would explore the origins of the legendary warrior race – Saiyans. Toei also mentioned that the movie would deal with the first Super Saiyan God, meaning that there will be some degree of involvement from Son Goku.

If that is the case, does it mean that Goku will win the Tournament of Power?

The new "Dragon Ball" movie will have its world premiere this December 14, 2018.

Which universe do you think would get erased next week? Will it be Universe 11 which only has Jiren as its remaining warrior or Universe 7 which has two more fighters? Frieza might be unconscious at the moment, but he can be a huge game-changer, especially after Goku runs out of energy to continue fighting Jiren. One leaked image shows Goku talking face-to-face with Whis on the spectators’ seat, which means that Goku might lose against Jiren. Only Frieza will have the opportunity to knock Jiren out of the arena and give the Universe 7 the victory it sorely needs.