Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" say that the truth about Christian's paternity will finally be revealed this week. Initially, Phyllis wanted to expose the fact that Adam is the boy's biological father but She Knows of Soaps.com says it is Sharon who will reveal the truth. Nick and his first wife have become quite close since she broke up with Scott and now that Sharon has been hospitalized they seem to be bonding even more. Phyllis lied that Jack was Summer's father and Sharon withheld the fact that Sully was Sage's child. This will be the third time that Nicholas Newman has been deceived by a woman that he loves.

Phyllis' change of heart regarding Adam and Christian

Billy convinced Phyllis that she would destroy Nick's life by telling him that Christian is not his biological son. She was not, however, able to change Sharon's mind once proof positive came into their hands. Spoilers indicate that this week, Sharon will kick her ex-husband while he is down by telling him the little boy he is raising belongs to his brother Adam. Last week Chelsea left town with Conner but dropped Christian off outside of Victoria's door. Victor tried to track her but was outsmarted by the con artist and her accomplice Jordan.

Now Nick will have lost his fiancee, his son, and also his nephew in one cruel move because Phyllis would not let this go.

She has gone from being like a dog with a bone to having a Change Of Heart but it is too late. Phyllis ignored warnings from Chelsea, Nick, and Billy to just leave it all alone and put Sharon in the middle of the drama. The first Mrs. Nicholas is about to bring the ugly truth to light — that Adam is little Christians real dad.

Sharon and Nick may reunite

Spoiler alerts don't say for sure, but it is possible, in the aftermath of the drama, that Sharon and Nick could reunite. They have been getting closer and the revelation about Christian might draw them together even more. Nick will need someone to lean on to deal with all his losses. If he finds out that Victor knew all along that Adam was Christian's real father, it will increase his discomfort.

By Victor returning home shaking his head, it looks as if we have seen the last of Chelsea and Conner but viewers can't know for certain. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS. Continue to be on the lookout for the day ahead spoiler alerts, if you like knowing in advance what your favorite characters are up to.