As previously announced by the studio behind “Dragon Ball Super,” the show that we all came to love will end next month. The time slot of the show will be taken over by a new series called “GeGeGe No Kitaro.” The battles between the remaining warriors of Universe 7 and Universe 11 are becoming more intense every episode. Now, the question is: will “Dragon Ball Super” end with the Tournament of Power?

Jiren unleashes his full power

Most fans are thinking about the future arcs after the Tournament of Power. Jiren may be the strongest warrior among the competing Universes, but how does he compare against the warriors of the exempted ones such as Universe 1, 5, 8, and 12? As of this writing, no other warriors from the mentioned Universes have been introduced in the series.


There is no doubt that Son Goku is the only fighter who can rival Jiren’s seemingly limitless power. Goku has the Ultra Instinct, an ability that allows him to defend himself unconsciously and go toe-to-toe against strong enemies. However, Goku can only use his Ultra Instinct after exhausting all of his reserve energies, which can be dangerous because Jiren won’t wait until the Saiyan warrior depletes all of his energy. As of episode 127, Goku is seen throwing combination attacks with Vegeta but is easily defeated. The way things go around with the Tournament of Power, only the Ultra Instinct can challenge Jiren’s full-powered might in the battle arena.

What happens after the fight between Son Goku and Jiren?

Seeing that Son Goku may prevail against Jiren, fans are now wondering about what’s next in the “Dragon Ball Super” franchise.


As we have already known all along, the anime series’ time slot will be replaced with “GeGeGe No Kitaro.” With this, there will be lots of unanswered questions, such as:

  • Are there any other strong warriors besides Jiren in other universes?
  • What will happen now that there are only five universes?
  • Goku and Vegeta are clearly on the level, if not stronger, than Gods of Destructions. Will they challenge these Gods and fight them in the future?
  • The Grand Priest’s character is quite suspicious. Will become the next enemy in the series?

These questions are good possibilities to explore for possible arcs if the creative force behind the show decides to continue it.

The anime series may be ending, but there is no sign that the “Dragon Ball Super” manga will end anytime soon.


At least in the manga, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore other possibilities that were not shown on the TV show. We can only hope for more exciting adventures from Son Goku and his gang when “Dragon Ball Super” returns.