The famous and successful series "Dragon Ball Super" is very close to reaching its end as only three Chapters separate us so that the current saga of universal survival comes to an end.

Currently, everyone is talking about issues, with respect to the possible winner of the tournament, they are concerned that the universe will be eliminated. Nevertheless, everything took a radical and sudden change when a couple of hours ago, the Titles of the last two episodes of "Dragon Ball Super," chapters 130 and 131 were revealed.

As expected these titles generated a lot of sadness, nostalgia, sense of loss, and even despair in some people because, as is customary in the series finale, the titles are practically a farewell to the fans and their community.


And if it is still unclear, these titles are no exception, since many people were resigned to know the name of the last chapter of "Dragon Ball Super."

Next, we will show you the official titles of these episodes so that you can get an idea of the direction the series will be taking.

Chapter 130

Title: "An unprecedented super showdown"

Synopsis: Unknown

Date of issue: March 18

Analysis: Surprisingly, few people paid attention to the great importance of this title and everything it means, since, for obvious reasons, everyone was talking about Chapter 131 and that it will be the last. However, we must mention that this episode will be extremely epic as it is very likely that, in this episode, we will know who will be the winner of the Tournament of Power.


Also, in this episode, we will know what is to happen to Frieza's irrepressible presence on the platform, Jiren's true power, among other things. No doubt it will be a chapter of great importance and emotion.

Chapter 131

Title: "Goku, until the day we meet again"

Synopsis: Unknown

Date of issue: March 25

Analysis: There is nothing that we can say to you that is not implicitly stated in the title, it is the final chapter of "Dragon Ball Super," which will mark the end of the series that brought us back, after so many years, to the adventures of Goku and company. Without a doubt, it is a series that will mark history forever.

But hey, if there is a small analysis that we can make, it would be the interpretations that can be taken from that title, since although it is true that it can become a very communicative title which could tell us a lot, at the same time, it does not tell us a lot since it does not give us a clue as to who won the tournament.


For some people, the title sounds like a farewell between Goku and Jiren.

But hey, this title can be interpreted in many ways. However, if you want advice, it would be to tell you not to make crazy theories and just dedicate yourself to enjoying what little content that we have left of "Dragon Ball."