The top-rated anime series, “Dragon Ball Super,” is set to have its final episode this March. The show will be replaced with a new anime series called “GeGeGe No Kitaro.” While the series has garnered millions of fans around the globe, the team behind this phenomenal weekly show and Toei Animation has finally decided to end the series with a bang. However, as the series comes to its scheduled conclusion, many fans are wondering how the show is really going to end.

According to some spoilers, the title of the final episode is "Goku, Until We Meet Again!" This has sparked thousands of online theories as to why it was titled that way.

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Here is one possible theory that might spark your interest:

Son Goku will sacrifice himself in order to save Universe 7

We can all agree that this whole Tournament of Power shenanigan was Goku’s fault.

He suggested to Zen-O, the God of All, to hold a tournament so that he can fight someone stronger. This really made Zen-O curious and he decreed that the Universes with low moral scores should participate in the Tournament. While some gods argued that it was Goku’s fault that they are facing doom, some also agree, that they were given a chance to fight for their survival, as they were all doomed to be erased after all.

As Goku [VIDEO] may not be expressing any outward feeling about this whole affair, he might be feeling guilty for what he did. So the theory goes like this: he will lose to Jiren, despite using his mastered Ultra Instinct. He will use the special friendship that he has with Zen-O and request that instead of erasing Universe 7 for losing on the Tournament of Power, he will sacrifice himself instead so that his friends can continue with their lives.

If this is the case, then this theory fits the final episode title perfectly.

Son Goku will become a God of Destruction

This theory may seem a little off, but it’s not entirely impossible.

Remember the time when the angel Whis offered Goku the post of God of Destruction after the Saiyan warrior lost to Beerus? Goku had declined the offer as he wanted nothing else but to test his limits by fighting stronger warriors than himself. This is the reason why he loves to train so much. But what if Zen-O, in exchange for letting Universe 7 live, offers Goku the post of its God of Destruction? This might create a little friction between Beerus and Goku however; if this is the only way that Universe 7 survives, Goku has no choice but to accept the offer. After all, Goku can live without his family as he spends most of his time training either in the living world or in the other world.

There is no doubt that the series will reach its end in March [VIDEO], and theories like these definitely make our wait so worth it. The best thing we can do is to patiently wait for the final episode and support other Dragon Ball-related projects in the future.