The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” left fans drooling with the comeback of ultra instinct. This also marked the first time Son Goku hit Jiren with a solid punch. However, it was only briefly shown towards the end of the episode.

Vegeta’s final attack

Android 17’s apparent self-sacrifice for Universe 7 made Vegeta attack Jiren head on without transforming to even a basic Super Saiyan. But his physical attacks made him very vulnerable to Jiren’s punches. The Universe 11’s lone warrior intended to knock Vegeta out but the Saiyan warrior clung to a piece of the fighting stage that was floating around. During this time, the Prince of Saiyan remembered his conversation with Cabba and the former’s promise to introduce him to the Universe 6’s King of Saiyan race.


He also remembered Bulma and Trunks on Earth and how he held the newly-born Bulla in his arms. He launched his final attack on Jiren, but it was easily deflected. In the end, he was thrown out of the ring and eliminated from the game.

Before going out, Vegeta gave Goku a small portion of his remaining energy. Goku used the energy he received to launch attacks to which Jiren easily dispelled. Goku’s stamina quickly went as it came. However, just as he was about to be knocked out of the ring, Goku’s Ultra Instinct was activated. The Saiyan warrior was able to dodge Jiren’s full-powered punch and even managed to hit the lonesome warrior in the stomach while the UI was being activated.

The third awakening of Ultra Instinct

Because the fans wanted to see more of Goku’s Ultra Instinct, the “Dragon Ball Super” producers have decided to build the tension for the remainder of episode 128.


This is to raise the stakes and conflict next episode to see whether or not Goku can really take out a full-powered Jiren.

Now that Goku’s Ultra Instinct has returned, two things have become clear. First, he has awakened the true Ultra Instinct. This was confirmed by the Supreme Kais, who are watching on the sidelines. Belmod, the God of Destruction and the Supreme Kai of Universe 11 even said that Goku awakening Ultra Instinct in the final moments of the Tournament of Power is indeed troublesome.

The next issue is that UI clearly is no match for a fully-powered Jiren. Why? If you review the preview for the upcoming 129th episode, you will see that Goku will bring his Ultra Instinct to a whole new level.


You can see that Goku will have white hair to match the aura that envelopes his body. This is clearly to bring out more hidden power to match Jiren’s unparalleled strength.

If there are negative side effects to using the new UI, that’s what we will all find out on the following episodes until the series’ conclusion on March 2018.