"Teen Mom" pregnancy rumors are a hot topic lately and many stars of the MTV hit have been rumored to be with child in recent months. At one point, there were so many theories about which reality stars might be pregnant that it was hard to tell who was actually pregnant and who was not.

As we've said before, drama and rumors are one of the keys to high "Teen Mom" ratings so the gossip will likely never go away. Nothing brings in viewers like another pregnancy, which is why the show was even rumored to pay "baby bonuses" for those who air their additional pregnancies on the show.

But what about the reality stars who aren't pregnant? Lately, it seems like there aren't too many but in reality, there are way more "Teen Mom" stars that are not currently growing a baby than those who are.

'Teen Mom OG'

Of the four main "Teen Mom OG" stars, only one is currently pregnant and confirmed. Amber Portwood announced her pregnancy earlier in Season 7 and we've been watching Amber and her latest boyfriend Andrew Glennon as they get ready for another child.

As for those who are not expecting another baby this year, that leaves Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Lowell. The interesting thing is, all three of these women have dealt with pregnancy rumors or pregnancy itself over the past year.

Farrah Abraham had a pregnancy scare late last year. Her ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran, hinted on social media back in November that she might be expecting. It turns out that she may really have been when Farrah warned her fans in January about checking the expiration dates on birth control to prevent a big surprise.

“Girls watch your expiration dates and that is on your birth control.

I’m going to tell you a little bit later because I gotta go take care of it," Farrah told her fans on Snapchat.

Maci Bookout was also the subject of pregnancy rumors back in July 2017 because of a photo she posted on Instagram. It's safe to say that Maci didn't have another bun in her over or we'd know about it by now.

That leaves Caitlynn Lowell, whose story isn't as easy to tell as the rest.

Caitlynn was pregnant and her announcement to multiple family members aired over several episodes of Season 7. Early in her pregnancy, Caitlynn suffered a miscarriage, which has been absolutely heartbreaking.

Caitlynn and Tyler confirmed the miscarriage in the sneak peek for the next episode of "Teen Mom OG" so buckle up and get your tissues ready. The loss sent Caitlyn into a deep depression that required professional treatment. Currently, she's near the end of her second stay at a rehab facility in Arizona since the loss and is expected to make it to the "Teen Mom OG" reunion show.

'Teen Mom 2'

The "Teen Mom 2" cast was looking pregnancy free until recently. Now there's one major rumor that could actually be true.

Notice it's still a rumor though, and it seems that there are way more "Teen Mom" pregnancy rumors that aren't true than those that are.

Kailyn Lowry has been dealing with her three sons and is not currently pregnant. She just had her youngest son, Lux Russell back in August and clearly has her hands full. Right now, Kailyn isn't romantically linked to anyone and her last relationship was with a woman. If Kailyn ended up being pregnant, it would be a huge surprise to everyone.

Briana DeJesus is also not currently pregnant. Bri just had surgery to get her body back and there's no way she's trying to mess it up now. Not to mention that she's currently "single." Briana and Javi broke up over the plastic surgery plans and then sealed the deal when he came to help her during recovery.

In the short time since, Bri's baby daddy Devoin is living with her and she went out for Valentine's Day with her ex-boyfriend Dre. It's hard to call her single with all that going on but safe to say she's not trying to let one of them knock her up.

Jenelle Evans also had some pregnancy rumors circulating after she posted a picture from Ensley's first birthday party. Jenelle responded to the rumors, posting a picture of her flat belly on Instagram. So officially, she's not pregnant. Let's hope that really is the case considering her husband, David Eason just got fired from "Teen Mom 2." There are also rumors floating around that Jenelle's job might be at risk too. If she really does get the ax from the MTV gig, a pregnancy is definitely not what she needs to add to it.

Chelsea Houska has also been the topic of pregnancy rumors recently. Being one of the most stable "Teen Mom" stars, an announcement from Chelsea might actually be pretty exciting. Despite tons of speculation though, Chelsea still hasn't confirmed any baby news. If anyone were to make an announcement though, she is the most likely.

That leaves us with Leah Messer, who may have a big surprise from "Teen Mom 2" fans. While Leah's latest pregnancy rumors are still unconfirmed, they came from a pretty solid source. It was Kailyn Lowry who leaked her friend's rumored baby news. In an effort to promote her "Coffee Convos" podcast, Kailyn asked about whether Leah could possibly be pregnant and if she was getting back together with Jeremy Calvert.

To be fair, the way Kail asked about Leah's supposed pregnancy made it sound like they were going to discuss the pregnancy rumors, not confirm them. As for, Leah and Jeremy getting back together, they have been looking extra friendly lately. Not to mention that Leah admitted that they were hooking up.

So the short answer to the question "Which 'Teen Mom' stars aren't pregnant?" is pretty much all of them. Right now, Amber Portwood is the only confirmed pregnant woman on the show. That doesn't mean we won't hear some pregnancy news soon, though. There always seems to be someone from the MTV hit series' that is expecting.