Kylie Jenner has been incredibly secretive about her pregnancy and her life in general since news leaked back in September that she was expecting a baby with Travis Scott. So far, it's been reported that Kylie just wants to keep her pregnancy to herself, choosing not to share this one huge journey with her millions of fans. Now, a new report is claiming something completely opposite and gives Jenner's fans hope again that they might be able to learn more about the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star's first foray into motherhood.

Kylie is filming

Even though Kylie Jenner has been missing in action, ever the businesswoman, it looks like she may have had a plan all along. Radar Online reports that while Kylie has been keeping herself hidden away, she's not alone. They reported that Jenner has been followed by a cameraman to the point where he's essentially living with her.

"She is not at all alone. Aside from her family, she has a cameraman that pretty much lives with her and is going to remain there until after the birth of the baby," Radar reports.

Now, Kylie Jenner's extended absence is starting to make sense. It's genius, really, since the anticipation has been building with Kylie's fans for months. With so much mystery surrounding Kylie's still unconfirmed pregnancy and an overwhelming interest in the details from so many fans, saving all of her pregnancy footage for a special will probably be a ratings dream.

'Life of Kylie' getting a second season

It's no secret that the first season of "Life of Kylie" was underwhelming, to say the least. Fans wanted to see Kylie Jenner's love life, her drama and more about her social life. What we got was a lot of interaction with Kylie's best friend, Jordyn Woods, and a look inside her makeup business, Kylie Cosmetics.

There was no drama whatsoever and the ratings reflected that.

Despite a lukewarm first season, "Life of Kylie" was not officially canceled, which means that the E! network must still have plans for it in some form. If Kylie is filming her pregnancy, birth, and even after the baby is born in order to show it on Season 2 of "Life of Kylie," the lip kit mogul can surely expect to see much better ratings than before.

Especially since she would finally be giving her fans the show they want to see.

Staying out of the limelight and keeping people guessing about her pregnancy for so many months has only built interest in Kylie Jenner and her reported pregnancy. If and when she releases any sort of pregnancy footage, she can expect a huge audience and a grand return to the social media spotlight. Let's hope this happens sooner rather than later. With her baby due in February, "KUWTK" fans won't want to wait several months to see the details. Keep in mind that the premiere season of "Life of Kylie" started in August last year.