Jill Duggar who is the Duggar Family Member that is usually in the center of controversy with her husband Derick Dillard has just made the headlines again. This Duggar family member is in the news again because she has shocked her fans on Instagram as she hinted that she could be questioning her religion online.

As previously mentioned Jill and her husband are always in some sort of controversy whether it be Dillard allegedly trying to steal money from Hurricane Harvey victims or when Jill talked about converting Muslims to her own religion.

Why do people think that Jill Duggar is questioning her religion?

The main reason to why people think that Jill Duggar is questioning her religion online is because of a picture she posted on her Instagram account. This picture was of a book called “The Story of Reality” and the book is aimed at people who question the validly of God.

In the Instagram post, she added the caption “If you’ve ever wondered #whydoesgodallowsuffering or you’ve stopped believing in God then you’ve gotta read this book!” From this Instagram post alone it has made Duggar fans think that Jill may be questioning her strict religion as a means to rebel against her family.

The reason she could be rebelling against her family would be because Dillard and her were allegedly let go from the family’s TLC reality television series “Counting On” after Dillard made rather transphobic comments online about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

I have actually attached the Instagram post below so you can make your own decision if Jill is really questioning her religion or not.

What are the other Duggar family members up to?

At the moment the Duggar family is incredibly busy as the new installment of their television series is set to air later in the month. To possibly help promote the show and also spread their faith the family decided to recently visit Australia and when the family was there, they again managed to get some backlash for their actions in the country.

For example, when they were there Jim-Bob made a rather shocking joke about Jana still being single which some passionate fans of the show thought was rather offensive. Another instance of the family gaining backlash when they were there was when Jim-Bob or Michelle broke the law by speeding on the Australian roads which resulted in one of the Duggar parents getting a fine for their driving mistake. To keep up with this family, you can follow them on social media and also on their television show “Counting On.”