We know that "Dragon Ball Super" has only a couple of episodes left before it ends in March. The franchise is currently at its culmination because these last few episodes are hyped all across the world, the new "Dragon Ball FighterZ" game was one of the most awaited games of 2018, and a Movie for the anime has already been confirmed to be released later this year.

But even after all this boost, why would the series come to its end? At this current point of the anime, the story has too many reasons to continue, too many story arcs to build-up. This sudden stoppage makes the fans wonder if the reason that "Dragon Ball Super" is ending is due to cancellation.

1. Good ratings

Most of the shows that get canceled or abruptly come to an end are due to their poor ratings and low viewership, but that is not the case with "Dragon Ball Super." The show has an enormous fan following and high ratings (Over 80% on IMDB,, and Rotten Tomatoes).


2. Full revamp

Aside from the movie, there has been no news about a new series from Toei or Akira Toriyama about a new "Dragon Ball" show. It could be that they are still planning the sequel to the show itself. Because the ending of the series probably happens with a wish that might leave the fans in shock, it has the potential to launch a whole new series with a whole new name and story.

Coming back to the movie, its story is rumored to be located somewhere in the past of the series (even before Goku himself), still, this doesn't prove that the series will not go through a full renovation.

3. Just a break

Well, it's not a surprise that the cast and crew of the show may just be tired of working on the show for almost three years constantly.


So maybe they're just taking a long break from the show so they can "recharge" and think more clearly about the next story arc.

A few days ago, after the voice actress of Bulma passed away, a new voice actress (Aya Hisakawa) was tasked with playing Bulma's role. So it's a bit odd to appoint a new actress for Bulma as there is no role for her in the meantime. This also hints towards a new series of the "Dragon Ball" unless Bulma has a role in the next few episode.

4. Out of plans?

Or maybe it's just that the production team of the show is out of ideas. Because of the upcoming movie, the production team may not have thought of the next storyline for the show because they are more focused on the movie's plot and are currently working hard to making it a big film.


That also explains why they haven't given fans a release date for the next continuation of the series.

The next episode will not air tomorrow as is postponed until March 4 due to the Tokyo Marathon. And the movie is set to be released in December 2018, but the actual date is not confirmed yet.