The end of Tournament of Power is near, and fans cannot wait to see Goku’s mastered Ultra Instinct form. To this point, there are only three warriors left in the arena: Goku, Jiren, and Frieza – who is literally lying unconscious somewhere. The Universe 11 lonesome warrior has finally unleashed his full powers and Son Goku answered the challenge by using Ultra Instinct.

New voice actress for Bulma

The new voice actress for Bulma made her debut on Episode 128. She replaced Hiromi Tsuru, who was found dead in her own car last November 16.


The new voice actress voiced Bulma in the scene when Vegeta was getting knocked down by Jiren. Vegeta remembered his family and his promise to Cabba to meet the King of Saiyans of Universe 6. Unfortunately, the Prince of Saiyans has no energy left to fight anymore. He instead chose to give his remaining energy to his rival Son Goku in order to boost the latter’s stamina.

Is 'DBS' anime finally over?

The news of the sudden end of “Dragon Ball Super” did not sit well with some hardcore fans. Some rumors spreading over the internet state that the popular anime series is ending because it is canceled.

However, Toei Animation just announced that the series will not really end; it will just give the time slot for another anime series called “GeGeGe No Kitaro.” They said that the show will simply go on hiatus to prepare for a new “Dragon Ball” movie. Though no other details were given, the new movie will deal with the Saiyan race.

Think about this: If “Dragon Ball Super” is canceled, then why did they hire a new voice actress for Bulma in the first place? Why didn’t they get a stock footage of Bulma with her original voice actress? It’s because they know that “Dragon Ball Super” is not going to end for good.


Toei Animation is just letting other anime series to take "DBS’" place because they only have enough resources for either series or film. The demand is very high due to the success of the show. The team behind the success of this anime series literally needs to get rest in order to recharge their creative batteries. Would you rather have this show continue every week and show you crappy storyline instead?

Also, let’s face it; with rampant online piracy of every episode, how are you supposed to fund a successful anime series every week? So many series have ended their stints due to heavy piracy, and let’s hope that the “Dragon Ball Super” series won’t suffer one.