There still is a lot of waiting time until "Game of Thrones" season eight comes to the forefront, however, when has that stopped people from predicting what might take place next? The "Game of Thrones" season seven finale showcased the Night King crossing the Wall into Westeros. He was not only accompanied by his army of thousands of Wights, but also an undead avatar of Viserion. The fans dread what might await the fate of those behind the Wall. Even though the viewers are made aware of the fact that the Night King has finally breached the Wall, they are kept in the dark regarding what his ultimate plan on an attack is.

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The plan of Night Kning?

It is worth mentioning that Massie Williams, aka Arya Stark, has recently revealed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that she knows the ending of the show.

"Williams hinted about the "Thrones" ending, which she called "incredible" and "surreal," reports CNET. The actress has also confessed that she shared the script with her mother. Massie also said there is a lot of work left incompletion of the show.

Now, an ardent "Game of Thrones" fan has come up with a convincing theory that might resolve the query mentioned above. He feels that The Night King’s intentions of destroying the Seven Kingdoms are evident. As per what the Reddit user ‘Thetripleb’ had to reveal, the Night King will be seen sending his army to battle Jon Snow and those who accompany him in the North. Meanwhile, he will take Viserion [VIDEO] and head South to the King’s Landing where both the Lannister sibling Cersei is forced to battle him.

‘Thetripleb’ further goes on to suggest that Jaime will be successful at convincing at least one Lannister contingent (if not the entire Lannister Army) to join him in the battle in North.

The combined army battle the Army of the Dead and defeat them, but at a great loss. It is being said that the Night King and his dragon will fly to South to attack King's Landing. According to Express, the shooting of the show currently happening in Northern Ireland. "The set, which houses Winterfell, was completely ablaze in January, suggesting that a major battle will take place in season eight."

More regarding 'Game of Thrones'

Another critical aspect that supports this theory is the visions that both, Daenerys Targaryen and Bran Stark once had in the seventh season. They both witnessed the Red Keep throne room being destroyed and covered in snow. Meanwhile, Bran also saw a dragon flying over King’s Landing. It cannot be said for sure that the dragon [VIDEO] was Viserion. The show is likely to come by mid-2019 and will have lengthy episodes compared to previous season. Fans have to wait a bit more to witness the finale. There are also rumors regarding the spin-off of the show.