Currently, "Dragon Ball Super" is at its peak of suspense and action. With only three episodes left, the series is approaching its finale faster than the fans are prepared for. The recent farewell from the cast and crew of "Dragon Ball Super" made the fans a bit sad about its ending and now a farewell from the writer of the "Dragon Ball Super" made it evident that the show is approaching its end really quick.

Toshio is the writer for the "Dragon Ball Super" series and one of the most active crew member on social media.


He can be seen posting different art from the anime on his Twitter account. This goodbye doesn't really drop any hints towards the next time we'll see him writing another episode for the series.

New teaser

Just when "Dragon Ball Super" reached its most awaited and exciting moment, the anime thought of taking a short hiatus. The episode 129 will not air until next week which is making some fans angry. But fear not because it looks like Shenron has granted our wish and a screenshot from the next week's episode has leaked.

The picture shows Son Goku in his latest Full-powered ultra instinct form, this state gives him white-colored hair and silver eyes.

The image came from the latest commercial-ad for Super Dragon Ball Heroes.


Several new promos for the game were released this week, and one of them hinted towards Goku’s form. Super Dragon Ball Heroes has previously shown canonical anime moments in its teasers before the show could air them. So, fans are willing to take this sneak-peek as a wholly real one.

Well, this isn't the first time that the new form has been teased. Three days ago In the latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump, Goku's mastered Ultra Instinct form was revealed for the first time. The look is designed by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

This new form with white shade is a big shift from what we’ve seen so far of Ultra Instinct. When Goku first broke his power limit and achieved Ultra Instinct in his battle with Jiren, his hair remained black but his eyes turned silver.


As the Ultra Instinct form is not exclusive to Saiyans, fans were quick to present their theories about this new form and said that the angels, who also have white hairs, are in their Ultra Instinct forms.

It's true that Whis hinted Ultra Instinct way before the Survival arc while training Goku and Vegeta by saying that "You two are still thinking before moving rather than just moving." which is clear hint that he was, in fact, teaching them how to reach Ultra Instinct.

Episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" is set to air on March 4.