After the premiere of episode 126 of "Dragon Ball Super," where viewers saw how Vegeta showed off again, demonstrating what he's capable of, it’s time to focus on episode 127, where Android 17, once again, will be the protagonist, proving he’s the best warrior of the Tournament of Power. Although at this point Android 17 is the best warrior of the tournament, it’s believed that, unfortunately, after having put together a perfect tournament, the character could die in this episode after sacrificing himself in his battle against Jiren.

Preview of episode 127

The preview revealed after episode 126 shows us how Android 17 tries to stop Jiren by all means necessary. But, it’s impossible for Android 17 to stop the warrior from Universe 11 since the power difference is so great.


After this, Jiren humiliates Android 17, Goku, and Vegeta, who are tired because of the long fight they had, using all their power.

Android 17 knows that Goku and Vegeta are the only hope for Universe 7, and if they get defeated it will all be over. After an attack from Jiren that could end both Saiyans, Android 17 decides to stand in front of them and create an energy barrier large enough to stop Jiren’s attack. But, the cost of creating this barrier could be deadly for this character who became one of the most popular of this saga.

The great sacrifice

The official summary of episode 127 reveals that Android 17 could sacrifice himself. It means that his sacrifice won’t be like Vegeta’s, but he’ll die in his attempt to stop Jiren.


However, it is not known what the strategy will be or how it could lead to his death.

From our perspective, we believe that the self-destruct technique used by Vegeta could influence Android’s strategy since said technique used by the Saiyan Prince was able to launch Toppo off the platform. Knowing Android 17, we believe that he could use a similar resource, taking advantage of the infinite energy he has, in order to stop Jiren’s attack and create a blast big enough to launch him off the platform, or, failing that, keep him busy until the tournament is over.

Whatever the end of this story is, this character has earned the respect of fans for his amazing performance in the tournament, and for his great perseverance, cleverness, and strategy at the time of battle.


Without this character, Universe 7 would have been defeated a long time ago.

So far, this has been the latest news referring to the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we'll be communicating it as soon as possible.