"Dragon Ball Super" is getting more interesting with each passing episode. The fans are curiously waiting to see the winner of the Tournament of Power. We know that the tournament is in its final stage with five minutes left. Makers have recently released the new schedule of the anime TV series, which suggest the show is ending on March 25 and there are total five episode is left to air. As the show progresses, the new twists are turns are coming into the spotlight. Meanwhile, the biggest one is yet to come.

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Spoilers and fan theories suggest that a new member could join Jiren in the battle against universe 7 in the upcoming episodes. So, who will the new member of Universe 11 [VIDEO] be?

The new warrior?

The new warrior of U11 could be Frieza, who is currently the member of Universe 7 [VIDEO].

Frieza might betray U7 in order to join U11. It is worth mentioning that in Episode 124, titled as "The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan's Last Stand!!" The warrior had approached Gohan saying that he wanted to join Universe 11 on one condition.

According to Okatukart, "Frieza told Dyspo that he will cooperate with Universe 11 to defeat the Universe 7 if only U11 warriors will promise to revive him using the Super Dragon Balls after Universe 11 claims their victory."

At that time Gohan denied the proposal from him. Currently, Universe 7 has four warriors Goku, Vegeta, Android 17 and Frieza, while Universe 11 has only Jiren, who is dubbed as the strongest warrior in the Tournament of Power. Even though Jiren is the only fighter from his team, Frieza knows that he could turn the tables all by himself, says a fan theory.

Readers are advised that our report is based on spoilers and fan theory, we request you to wait for the upcoming episodes for confirmation.

'DBS' episodes

Episode 126 of "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]" was released this weekend. It was titled "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Desperate Blow!!" The chapter was full of surprises as we witnessed the shocking elimination of Toppo. Vegeta with the help of Android 17 and Frieza evicted the new God of Destruction. The Saiyan used the Final Explosion technique that he used against Majin Buu to blast Toppo out of the ring.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 127 is scheduled to air on February 11 and is titled as "The Approaching Wall! The Final Barrier of Hope!!" It will be Android 17 and Vegeta focused. One of them is likely to get eliminated in this part of the show. Stay tuned for more entertainment updates and news.