This post contains spoilers for episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super," so proceed with caution.

After almost thirty episodes of the 'Tournament of Power' arc, "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]" finally gave fans a look at Jiren's past. This enigmatic warrior has been in the limelight ever since his first appearance in the series, but there was no explanation to his peculiar personality until now. Belmod, God Of Destruction of Jiren's Universe (Universe 11), revealed Jiren's backstory along with the explanation to his desire of power.

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In episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super," after Goku and Vegeta [VIDEO] were struck down by powerful punches from Jiren, Android 17 steps forward to their rescue.

Right at that moment, Belmod opened up about Jiren's obsession with power. And it is nothing other than taking revenge.

The Backstory

Jiren was just a normal child who used to live with his parents in a village until one day an evil force attacked his village. The evil-doer destroyed his village and slew everyone except him. This broken boy was taken by a person who later on became his master. The master trained him and taught him how to fight. Hoping to defeat the bad one day, Jiren gathered a lot of allies, and together, fought this evil force once again.

All in vain, Jiren's master and his comrades died in the battle and once again he was left alone. Although, fans complained about the generic backstory, within all this, the "Evil-doer" got a lot of attention from the fans. If there is a fighter stronger than the one that is currently deemed as the strongest amongst all the universes, it certainly will catch some eyes because Whis hinted towards the mortal that is stronger than a God of Destruction before all of this started and this could be it.

Although this is just one of the many theories that fans have posted about the identity of the evil-doer, some even say that it could be Goku Black, Yamoshi or the Grand Priest. It is not known if the evil-doer is even alive at the time of the "Survival arc," but it is still a confusing fact that if Jiren was successful in taking his revenge then why does he wish for more power?

Jiren's Wish

One interesting theory about Jiren's wish is that he does not like how things work in their cosmic order. Zeno can destroy any universe whenever he wants and once destroyed six universes just because he was mad. Jiren may wish to return all the universes that were destroyed in the "Tournament of Power" as well as Universe 13-18 that were destroyed by Zeno.