The last great battle of the Tournament of Power is about to begin. The final fight between Goku and Jiren is coming, and this fight will decide the fate of Universes 7 and 11. However, one more mystery haunts the tournament, and it's that universe 7 continues to have the advantage since it has two participants on the platform, while Universe 11 only has one warrior.

The mystery surrounding Frieza

The tenth warrior from Universe 7, Frieza, is still in the tournament, since he wasn’t eliminated in episode 127 after Android 17’s blast. The last we saw of Frieza was that, after being furious, he mercilessly attacked Jiren with the intent to kill him. Of course, his attack didn’t help, since the power difference between Frieza and Jiren is too large to overcome, and the latter defeated him easily, but without throwing him off the platform.


Is he dead?

Many believe that he died after the great blast that caused the energy collision between Android 17 and Jiren. To this, we add that the Android didn’t protect the devil from the cold like he protected Goku and Vegeta, so it wouldn't be strange if the blast had hit him. But, using our logic, Frieza resisted the Hakai from Toppo, so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that the blast caused by Android 17 and Jiren did no kill him. We don't dismiss his possible death but if he had died, he would have been eliminated from the tournament and that did not happen.

The plan

The great theory circulating on the web is that Frieza has a sure-fire plan to win the tournament, by implying that he's dead and hiding, taking advantage of the fact that Goku has awakened the Ultra Instinct and Jiren must deal with it.


Once both warriors are tired and exhausted, he’ll come out of hiding and, better yet, he’ll be proclaimed as the winner of the tournament thanks to being the last warrior standing.

While the theory is absurd since his victory would be unacceptable for many fans, this makes sense, because a lot of mystery has surrounded his character's intentions. We know his intentions aren’t good, and, personally, we’d like to know what wish he wants to ask for from the Dragon Balls.

It’s worth noting that this analysis is based on personal deductions and theories since there’s nothing confirmed yet about Frieza’s location. He may be dead and/or hidden.

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