One of the most-awaited portions of the 129th episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is the first appearance of Son Goku in his mastered Ultra-Instinct form. Since the information about the fan-favorite Saiyan’s ultimate form in the Tournament of Power has been revealed, several fans could not help but speculate about the form. While several photos already came our earlier showing Son Goku sporting a new silver hair, fans would still want to see more of it. Interestingly, a new set of details about this godly form has been recently leaked online. To top it all, fans will not only see another photo but the fan-favorite Saiyan in his mastered Ultra-Instinct form in action.


Leaked video and photos

Episode 129 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to officially air on March 4. This means that the highly anticipated fight in the Tournament of Power is still a week away. However, this does not stop the fandom from digging on the Internet to find useful facts about Son Goku and his new and powerful form. On the social networking site Twitter, popular content creator and translator popularly known as Ken Xyro shared a new set of information about the fan-favorite Saiyan.

It contains a video of Son Goku sporting his mastered Ultra-Instinct form in action.

The video is actually the launch trailer for “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” DLC 6. In this downloadable content, Son Goku in his mastered Ultra-Instinct form will be added along with other powerful characters like Jiren the Gray of Universe 11. While t is a general knowledge among fans that the game is not in any way connected to the anime, seeing the most popular Saiyan in this powerful form is still thrilling.


Episode 129 is titled “Limit Super Surpassed, Ultra-Instinct Mastered.” In the upcoming episode, Son Goku, as revealed by earlier leaks will break through his limits and will not only achieve his Ultra-Instinct form but will master it.


It was also teased that Son Goku’s power will surge, which will trigger Jiren to unleash his full power and go all out against the team leader of Universe 7. Many fans are now speculating if this ultimate enough to defeat the overpowered Pride Trooper.

During the one-hour special, Jiren the Gray even predicted the limit of the Ultra-Instinct. However, it is clear that Son Goku was just able to achieve the signs of Ultra-Instinct and not the perfect form itself. He was able to use the offensive element of the form and not all of its elements.

It is going to be another epic battle as Son Goku surpass his limits to defeat Jiren the Gray in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.”