A few hours ago a new, unpublished Preview of episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" was revealed, in which we see the start of the final fight of the Tournament of Power between Goku and Jiren. This preview was revealed spontaneously. Usually, before revealing any preview, the official Twitter account of "Dragon Ball Super" reveals some images, however, this time was completely different.

Full preview

The preview shows Son Goku and Jiren.


The calm between starting the final fight will definitely be disturbing for the gods of destruction and participants who are no longer on the platform since this fight will decide the fate of the universes 7 and 11.

After starting the fight, we see how the platform, which is already destroyed, is even more ruined by the intense power clash between Jiren and Son Goku. Jiren attacks Son Goku, but he easily dodges his attacks and we can see how intense the battle is.

Meanwhile, in the bleachers, the gods of destruction watch the fight, while the warriors from Universe 7 and 11 who are already eliminated watch the decisive battle.

Besides seeing these characters, we can see Whis, who watches the battle with a happy face as his pupil, Son Goku, has managed the Ultra Instinct.

The following scenes of the video are scenes we've already seen in the first preview. Then, we see how Goku and Jiren are engaged in a brutal fight, and we see a scene similar to the Opening although with a different background.

Lastly, we can see the final stage of the Ultra Instinct (Migatte no Gokui) from a different perspective than the first preview. Here we can see Goku almost from the side, with an intense aura surrounding his body and his completely silver hair with a little glow around it.


More information

Besides the preview in a video, a short introduction before the fight was also released.

  • “With the fate of both universes at stake, the Tournament of Power comes to its end. Jiren shows an unlimited power, surpassing everything Goku has faced in the past like Vegeta, Frieza, Cell or Majin Buu. He’s definitely the strongest opponent. However, for the sake of his partners and the whole universe 7, Goku can’t quit now. At that moment, when he finds himself in a desperate situation, his body starts to shine in a silver color. The real power of the Ultra Instinct appears, much more powerful than he had shown so far. The battle of the strongest begins, and it would be an unprecedented battle."

So far this has been the latest news referring to the "Dragon Ball" world.

If there's more, we'll be communicating as soon as possible.