"Dragon Ball Super" is down to its last three episodes, and if the promo package for episode 129 is telling fans something, Saturday’s show has the potential to end up as the best 25-minute episode of the entire DB Super Series. With out of this world fight scenes and the much-awaited transformation of Goku to Super Saiyan Silver (Mastered or Perfect Ultra Instinct [VIDEO]) finally taking place, this one is ought to break all kinds of records in the anime franchise.

But for those who lack the patience to wait through the days just to see Son Goku slugging it out with Universe 11’s strong fighter, Jiren, in his new Mastered Ultra Instinct transformation, "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" dropped the gameplay trailer for ‘Extra Pack: Infinite History,’ revealing Goku’s full extent of power in his Super Saiyan Silver form.

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More Characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The Extra Pack 2, which is the sixth update/expansion of the game, will also feature seven more characters, including fan-favorite Android 17, Jiren, Super Bu, Debura and the main antagonist in the latest DB Heroes game, Fu.

Below is the full clip of the game's Extra Pack 2.

As the clip suggests, Goku’s new form is undoubtedly the strongest ever in the entire series. It’s strong enough to repel and dodge Jiren’s full-powered attacks and dominate him with an array of offense that has never been seen before from the DBS main protagonist. By the way, that energy ball Goku threw towards Jiren is special.

Goku has basically achieved or perhaps transcended the power of the God of Destruction in Mastered Ultra Instinct form. The question now is will it be enough to beat Jiren and win the Tournament of Power? Or will he run out of stamina allowing his fiercest rival or perhaps the ever-scheming Frieza to steal the win?

Spoilers for the last two episodes:

The provisional titles for episode 130 and 131 of "Dragon Ball Super" have already been released.

Herms provided the translations for the titles while Todd Blankenship of Geekdom 101 broke down the details.

As Blankenship reiterated episode 131 titled “Until the Day We Meet Again” is an homage to the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super GT." He expects Goku to wear his blue robe, the same outfit he wore at the end of "Dragon Ball Z" when he met Uub in the 28th Martial Arts Tournament.

Will this be the end of the Super series? Blankenship stressed out that episode 131 is the finale of the "Dragon Ball Super," but not the end of Dragon Ball franchise because there will be a lot of unresolved subplots that only a succeeding series could answer. Perhaps, there’s a chance the anime franchise will get that clear continuity in the upcoming movie in December, in which the first Super Saiyan God is rumored to make an appearance.