The upcoming episodes in “Dragon Ball Super” are going to be exciting as the Tournament of Power is just a few inches away from its culmination. While Episode 127 brought shock and sadness to most of the fans of the popular anime series, it appears that the next episodes will surely shake the fandom with what the team has prepared. The most recent set of spoilers revealed interesting details about Episode 128 and 129. Although Vegeta’s elimination is already a give away from the title, one major character will also be eliminated in the arena of the World of the Void in the upcoming episode.

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Latest spoilers

On Twitter, popular anime content creator and translator Herms shared the latest set of spoilers for Episodes 128, and 129 of “Dragon Ball Super.” The title of Episode 128 is a major giveaway, as it hints that Vegeta’s last stand will take place in the hotly contested tournament.

As revealed in the spoilers [VIDEO], the Prince of All Saiyans will be facing Jiren the Gray. He has almost reached his physical limit and is fighting the strongest Pride Trooper to preserve his pride, to protect universe 7, and to buy some time so that Son Goku can muster enough energy. It is also stated that Jiren the Gray will eliminate him with a powerful finishing blow.

The spoilers become more interesting when it reveals that Son Goku and Jiren the Gray of Universe 11 are the only fighters left in the arena. While it does not directly states that there is another elimination, it appears that it implicitly talks about Frieza’s elimination. In the previous episodes, the supervillain from hell has been doing everything to defeat and even kill Jiren the Gray. However, it is obvious that all his attempts were futile against the strongest Pride Trooper.

Even when he turned to his golden form, he is no match compared to Jiren. Aside from that, in his appearances in the most recent episode [VIDEO], it seems that he has no more energy left and he is only fighting because his big ego was crushed.

Other details

While some fans are positive that Frieza will go down along with Vegeta in Episode 128, there are some who are not convinced of the spoilers. They believe that like in the previous episodes, Frieza could be somewhere in the arena unconsciously gathering energy so he could stand up and fight again. Meanwhile, Episode 128 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled “Noble Pride To The End, Vegeta Falls.” It is scheduled to air on February 18. The anime series will have a hiatus on February 25 and will resume to its regular schedule on March 4.