Early in January 2018, the news about "Dragon Ball Super" ending in March surprised the fandom. While its end is imminent, since the Tournament of Power is nearing its end, fans are still shocked, knowing that their favorite anime series is going to end in Episode 131 or 133. Since the start of the tournament, fans have had their own choices and theories about the MVP or even the winning universe. Interestingly, newly leaked information revealed the series schedule for episodes 127, 128, and 129.

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In addition, it reveals the titles of the upcoming episodes.

Episode 127

On Twitter, popular anime content creator and translator Herms shared the latest schedule and provisional titles of "Dragon Ball Super." According to the popular content creator, Episode 127 is titled “A Looming Obstacle! Pinning Hope On The Final Barrier.” It will center on Android 17's participation in eliminating the strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11--Jiren the Gray [VIDEO].

Spoilers have it that the powerful android turned human will make a life-threatening act to help Vegeta and Son Goku defeat Jiren. However, most fans believe that Android 17's sacrifice will be in vain. It is possible that he will be eliminated in this episode. It is scheduled to air on February 11.

Vegeta’s pride

The upcoming episode is slated to air on February 18 and is titled “With Noble Pride To The End, Vegeta Falls!” According to Herms’ translation, the Prince of All Saiyans is nearly at his physical limit and is just fighting through his willpower. Jiren closes in for his final blow and eliminates Vegeta. Only Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray remain in the arena of the World of the Void.

Mastering Ultra Instinct

On February 25, there will be no scheduled airing of the popular anime series.

Instead, Episode 129 will air on March 4. It is titled “Transcending the Limit, Mastering Ultra Instinct.” While there is no official synopsis for the episode yet, it can be derived from the title that Son Goku will master the godly technique. It is surprising to note that he will master the technique faster than the God of Destruction Beerus. This is the much-awaited rematch and fans are looking forward to the one-hour special [VIDEO]. Will Son Goku’s mastered Ultra Instinct be enough to defeat the strongest Pride Trooper?

Meanwhile, in all of the synopses and spoilers, Frieza is not mentioned. It is clear that he is not yet eliminated in the tournament. Will Frieza be the MVP in the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super?”