The hype for the rematch of Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is now slowly building up. As early as Episode 128, several leaks about Son Goku’s ultimate form have been hitting the web. The fandom has been talking about the fan-favorite Saiyan’s form. Some are also talking about how this powerful form will change the result of the upcoming fight in the finale of the competition in the arena of the World of the Void. Interestingly, a new set of spoilers has been leaked, revealing something unusual that will happen to Jiren the Gray.


Leaked spoilers

Even though the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to officially air in March, several leaked spoilers are already hyping Episode 129. Aside from this is the much-awaited rematch two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse, and fans are excited to see Son Goku unleash and use his new form. According to leaks, the fan-favorite Saiyan is going to master or perfect the godly form that even Beerus, Universe 7’s god of destruction, has not yet mastered. Interestingly, there is so much more to the upcoming episode than the explosive battle.

On the social networking site Twitter, popular content creator, and translator Herms shared the latest spoilers for Episode 129. The leaked synopsis came from the Korean version of V Jump magazine. According to the set of spoilers, for the first time in the Tournament of Power, the mysterious fighter of Universe 11 will finally smile.

Change of facial expression

Jiren the Gray is cloaked in mystery and despite the reveal of his origins, some fans find the fighter overly serious. The strongest Pride Trooper seldom talks and his face shows a gloomy and stern expression.


However, according to Herms, in the upcoming episode, Jiren the Gray will smile. The spoilers reveal that the Pride Trooper will see Son Goku unleash his full power and increase his battle power. This is the reason for his happiness. Most likely, Jiren finally realizes that he has found his match in terms of power.

Since the start of the Tournament of Power, the Pride Trooper has been an overpowered fighter and no one could come close to his power level.

Not even Son Goku in his Ultra-Instinct form. Episode 129 of “Dragon Ball Super” is going to be epic. It is titled “Limits Super Surpassed, Ultra-Instinct Mastered.” The upcoming episode is scheduled to air on March 4 following a hiatus on February 25.