The latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" aired on February 11 with explosive revelations. While the fan-favorite anime has its own list of baddies, the current antagonist in the Tournament of Power intrigued many fans. Aside from his unknown past, he appears to be the strongest and the most powerful character that has ever been introduced in the series. Interestingly, the most recent episode gives fans some details about the strongest Pride Trooper. This includes the most-awaited explaining of Jiren the Gray's origins and how he become an overpowered fighter.

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In addition, fans now know about his weakness and how to effectively fire an attack that connects.

The weakness of the beast

Since Jiren the Gray was introduced during the Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super," fans have been speculating about his weakness.

During the one-hour special, Son Goku's trump card, the massive Genki-Dama was useless on Jiren. The fan-favorite Saiyan could not even come close to his power level except when he unleashed his Ultra-Instinct form [VIDEO]. In the most recent episode, it was revealed that the strongest Pride Trooper has vulnerabilities too. Thanks to Android 17, fans now learned the best way to hit Jiren the Gray. When Son Goku fired his Kamehameha from the air, Jiren appeared to uppercut it and launched a powerful attack against him and the Prince of All Saiyans. The force caused the Saiyans to fall from the air like birds hit by a raging bullet. However, Android 17 managed to sneak behind Jiren's back and fired an attack point blank that almost cost him his life. Unfortunately, the strongest Pride Trooper was not shaken by 17's attack.

However, his back was damaged underlining the fact that he can let down his guard and become defenseless.

Other details

Through the efforts of Android 17, Son Goku and Vegeta learned about this weakness in Jiren's plot armor. Now that 17 is gone in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO], it is up to the Saiyans to use this information as a weapon to defeat their strongest opponent. In the latest preview for Episode 128, it is revealed that Vegeta will go all-out against Jiren the Gray. How the Prince of All Saiyans will fair in this upcoming battle is still unknown. However, from the most recent episode, Vegeta is fighting on his one leg, and he might find it hard to defeat Jiren given his current condition.

Episode 128 of "Dragon Ball Super" is scheduled to air on February 18. It's titled "With Noble Pride to the End, Vegeta Falls." The latest episode is part of the Universe Survival Arc believed to be ending by March 2018.