Episode 131 is supposed to be the Final Episode of this season. Fans are already upset about this. They are also pretty excited about the upcoming movie in December. It is really hard for the fans to bid goodbye to their favorite series. But the Dragon Ball community is always active. They have some speculations about what is going to happen in next few episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." The final episode has been titled as “Goku Until the Day We Meet Again.” The more we are being enlightened with the final episode, the more we are feeling upset.


It is really hard to say goodbye to our favorite hero. We can only hope to see them again in future. So, let’s see what we can find out about the upcoming episodes. Reports by Otakukart were used as references in writing this article.

Episode 130 will bring the hint

The title of Episode 130 has not been leaked yet. So, it is not clear. We can still only assume what is going to happen in Episode 130. We are still not entirely sure about the spoilers. But it seems like Goku is the ultimate hero. After he defeated Jiren, he got the chance to use Super Dragon Ball.

Instead of using it by himself, he let Vegeta use it. Vegeta promised Cabba to bring back Universe 6. So, after getting the Super Dragon Ball, he let Vegeta use it to bring back Universe 6. Though it sounds really unnatural, we cannot do anything about it. It is just a spoiler. It may not be true. We also have to highlight the fact that Dragon Ball Super is going to end soon and only two episodes are left. So, most probably, they will not take the story any further. We are bidding on the fastest ending.


The final farewell

The title of the final episode sounds very familiar to us. That is because the final episode of “Dragon Ball” had this same title. It was called “Goodbye, Goku…Until the Day We Meet Again.” After knowing the title, the fans are trying to guess what can be the meaning of this title? We are assuming a grand fight. Maybe at the end of the episode, Goku will be the winner of the Tournament of Power. If this happens, then Universe 7 will win the event. We may see the new Ultra Instinct form of Goku.

The saddest part is that the title does not give us any hint about any upcoming series which will follow “Dragon Ball Super.” After “Dragon Ball GT,” a new show came with the same storyline. But it took a whole lot of time. We are still hoping that there will be a spin-off series after the ending of “Dragon Ball Super.”

These are just some random speculations that I am hoping to happen in the next episodes. I am still not sure about it. So, let’s just hope that these speculations will come true!