A new set of spoilers for Episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super" was recently leaked hinting at the elimination of the team leader of the Pride Troopers-- Toppo. In the most recent episode of the popular anime series, Toppo unleashed his powerful form that is capable of releasing the power of the god of destruction.

Apparently, in Universe 11 he is a candidate for the god of destruction should Vermouth retire from his post. In the past episode, fans saw how powerful Pride Troopers' team leader has become when he single-handedly beat the supervillain Frieza and Android 17.

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However, the spoilers hint that despite his unbelievable power, he will soon find his match and would be kicked out of the arena.

Latest spoilers

Judt recently, a new set of spoilers for Episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super" has been leaked.

The information comes from the Japanese publication Jump magazine and is translated into English by the popular anime content creator Herms.

The episode is titled “A Looming Obstacle! Pinning Hope On The Final Barrier.” Further, it reveals that Son Goku and Vegeta [VIDEO] will seek the help of Android 17 in fighting against the strongest Pride Trooper. Nowhere in the spoiler, Toppo's name is mentioned. If ever he is still in the arena of the Tournament of Power it is not possible that he will not help Jiren in his fight against the two powerful fighters from Universe 7.

Other details

In the previous set of spoilers for Episode 126, it is revealed that the Prince of All Saiyans is going to fight against Toppo. In fact, the title of the upcoming episode state that Vegeta will go beyond the power of the god of destruction [VIDEO] apparently referring to his opponent who has the power of a god of destruction.

The title implies that Vegeta would be able to surpass the power of his opponent and would most likely overthrow him.

Meanwhile, it appears that the team behind the popular anime series is turning the spotlight to other characters in the Universe Survival Arc. This keeps most of the fans hopeful that the final episode will most likely center on Son Goku and his fight against Jiren the Gray.

Many are expecting that the fan-favorite Saiyan will ascend to another powerful level and will unleash a new form. Most likely, Toei Animation will showcase him in the form they used when they teased about it during the start of the Tournament of Power. Until now, it is hard to tell who will win in the Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super." Fans are looking forward to more spoilers so that the guessing game would be more interesting.