“Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO] has almost reached its end. Only the six strongest warriors are still fighting on the field of the Tournament of Power. The two pride troopers of Universe 11 are their final hope. In the recent episode, we saw a new God Of Destruction. He is basically a Toppo [VIDEO] of Universe 11. Fans are giving several theories about the fate of Vegeta and Android 17. It is still not clear yet. We are not entirely sure whether Vegeta [VIDEO] will risk his life or Android 17 will be eliminated.

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Some spoilers have solved these puzzles but some answers are still unknown. Some fan theories are suggesting that Vegeta will get eliminated in the next episode. But it is not being confirmed yet.

A report by ComicBook provided most of the information used in this article.

Actor Toshio confirmed that Vegeta won’t fight in the next episode. A fan asked him if Vegeta will get eliminated in the next episode or not. He replied on Twitter, “That is a secret.” His reply does not give us a direct answer. In the previous episode, we saw that Universe 7 still has eight fighters. Maybe Vegeta still has a chance to survive. Some possible spoilers of the upcoming episode are given below.

Vegeta will not risk his life

Goku and Vegeta are helping each other in the fight against Jiren. 17 also helped them by working according to his strategy. According to the Great Priest, Vegeta broke his shell already. He promised to destroy Jiren. He transformed himself by revealing his secret powers.

It seems that Vegeta will defeat Jiren. So, he will not be risking his life and there is still hope for him. Goku and Vegeta came close to each other while fighting Jiren. Toppo is an applicant for God of Destruction. He and Jiren might attack Vegeta. We can expect a very powerful fight between Vegeta and Jiren. Dragon Ball youtubers suspected that he will not be able to survive this attack. But it is clear that 17 is the one who will risk his life. He will do that to help Goku and Vegeta.

Jiren will still be powerful

Everyone is wondering about the power of Jiren. Goku’s Universe 7 team is standing against his threat. He showed his power in the tournament. Goku and Vegeta attacked him together. But it hardly had any effect on him. How powerful is he? He performance is really strong in the Tournament of Power. If Toppo becomes the God of Destruction, Jiren will not be very happy about it.

The fandom of "Dragon Ball Super" is really huge and they always respond to it very well. Fans are wondering about the source of this huge power of Jiren. Goku comes into his full power. Even then Jiren defeated him. So, I am suspecting that he might end up being the God of Destruction.