Jiren is perhaps the most powerful warrior of the Universe Survival arc. The Universe 11 warrior is all set to fight Goku and most of the fans want the Saiyan to win. The reason of his strength lies in the Pride Trooper's past. Jiren is one of the most hated warriors of "Dragon Ball Super," but there are incidents which will make fans feel sad for the Pride Trooper. The anime show has recently aired Episode 127, titled as "The Approaching Wall! The Final Barrier of Hope!!." The chapter features the battle between Android 17 and Jiren.

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17 has asked Jiren about what he'd use the Super Dragon Balls for, Belmod then explained the cause behind Universe 11's immense strength, reports ComicBook.

A devastating past

According to ComicBook, Belmod said that the Pride Trooper's parents were killed by an "evil-doer" and he was later rescued.

His rescuer then taught him how to fight. "Jiren then fought evil-doer again but his friends, and teacher got killed in the fight." Jiren then decided to become more powerful to fight the evil-doer again, but his friends who survived the first attack have refused to battle alongside him. The Pride Trooper felt betrayed that time, which has changed his whole thinking as he lost the faith in trust and friendship and started believing that power lies in justice. These incidents are the result of what Jiren is today, as he continued to grow with the same thinking. It has led Jiren to make more allies.

Since "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]" began, fans have had a question in mind regarding the cause behind the Jiren's immense power. These incidents might also be the cause of Jiren lethal power.

Jiren vs Goku

"Dragon Ball Super" will release Episode 129 on March 4, it is named “Transcending the limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!.” The episode [VIDEO] will mark the beginning of the final battle of Tournament of Power.

Fans will also witness Goku mastering the Ultra Instinct. Notably, both warriors have already fought in the tournament, where Universe 7's warrior was defeated. It will surely be an intense fight. It is worth mentioning that Episode 128 will air this weekend, and it is titled "Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!." Vegeta will get eliminated by Jiren in this part of the show.

Notably, Android 17 got defeated in Episode 127 ("The Approaching Wall! The Final Barrier of Hope!!"). Goku and Vegeta and 17 use a barrier to hold back Jiren's blast, forming force fields around Goku and Vegeta to protect them and then self-destructs to destroy Jiren's blast. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.