"Dragon Ball Super" is getting more exciting with each passing episode. The anime TV series is all set to wrap soon. According to the new schedule released by the makers recently, the series will end on March 25. The final episode of the show will be 131. A spoiler recently hinted the perhaps the biggest shocker of the "DBS" so far. According to it, one of the most powerful Universes all set to return to the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. It is worth mentioning that tournament has only three minutes remaining with four warriors Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Jiren.

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An ultimate surprise of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Recently, the voice recording of Episode 131 of "Dragon Ball Super" was completed. The voice actors later posted a picture after the recording and some surprising faces can be seen in it like the voice actors of Cabba and Vados, which might suggest universe 6's appearance in Episode 131.

Based on this image, rumors and speculations have suggested the return of Universe 6. According to Omnitos, It is generally like this that the voice actors which are needed only, go to recording, so this clarifies that Voice of Cabba and Vados were involved in that last recording. So does this mean that Universe 6 will be resurrected? Readers are advised the information is based on the rumors and spoilers and we cannot say for certain anything regarding it at the moment. However, to give fans a surprise at the end of the show, makers might bring Universe 6 into the picture for some reasons. We have to wait for the official episode to know more.

The next episode

The upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is 128. It is titled "Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta [VIDEO] Falls!!" Judging the episode, one can easily say that it will be Vegeta-focused.

The trailer of the chapter is already out, which suggests that trouble for Universe 7 is about to get bigger. The spoilers have confirmed the elimination of Vegeta while fighting Jiren. The Saiyan will sacrifice his life to buy some time for Goku to recover his energy in order to battle the Pride Trooper. This will surely be Vegeta's final battle with Jiren in the tournament.

Chapter 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" will release on March 4. According to ComicBook, Goku will finally master Ultra Instinct for his final battle with Jiren - a level he will achieve as he is spurred by some great emotional trigger. Frieza is also expected to be in action in this episode. Stay tuned for more news and updates on entertainment.