The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is nearing its final phase and fans cannot help but get excited at the upcoming surprises in store for them. Since the one-hour special of the anime classic, Toei Animation has given the fans a glimpse of the ultimate form of the fan-favorite Saiyan. However, this form is still imperfect and lacks its other elements. Fans are also waiting for the time that Son Goku will lose his shirt and will look the same as the teaser image that has been circulated by the team behind the series.

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Interestingly, the latest preview has given a hint at when fans will finally see this breath-taking moment.

Latest preview

Right after Episode 128 of “Dragon Ball Super,” Toei Animation released a brief preview of the scenes for the upcoming episode.

The preview lasts for just 27 seconds and showcases the explosive battle between the strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11—Jiren the Gray and the fan-favorite Saiyan, Son Goku. On the 13-second mark, Son Goku is firing a massive Kamehameha towards Jiren. The strongest Pride Trooper appears to also release a massive attack to shield himself and to counter the Saiyan’s attack. A massive explosion follows this instant and Jiren fires another attack to the airborne Saiyan. Jiren’s fierce onslaught appears to have shredded Son Goku’s shirt.

This scene is shown on the 15-second mark of the preview. The Pride Trooper’s assault seems to have destroyed the Saiyan’s upper apparel. Will this scene trigger the Saiyan to master the godly form [VIDEO]? Will fans finally see Son Goku unleash his mastered Ultra-Instinct Omen form as teased by Toei Animation at the start of the Tournament of Power?

Episode 129

The upcoming episode is titled, “Limit Super Surpassed, Ultra-Instinct Mastered.” It is scheduled to officially air on March 4.

The popular anime will not air this coming weekend and will go on hiatus. It appears that Son Goku will finally master the godly form. This means that the fan-favorite Saiyan will soon utilize the offensive and defensive elements [VIDEO] of the form. Fans first saw Son Goku use the defensive element of the form during the one-hour special of the anime. He later discovered the form’s offensive elements when he fought against Universe 6’s Kefla. After Episode 128, there are only a couple of minutes remaining before the Tournament of Power ends. Will Universe 7 win in the competition or will Universe 11 through Jiren the Gray be victorious? More surprising scenes are expected in the final hour of the tournament.