The final episode of the Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super" is only a few weeks away. During the start of the tournament, the team behind the popular anime series teased about Son Goku's new form that had the fandom talking about until now.

In the one-hour special, fans saw the fan-favorite Saiyan unleashed a new godly form when he learned to break through his limits. Most popularly known as the Ultra-Instinct, the powerful form was rather brief and it quickly expired.

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Recently, another image is making rounds on the Internet apparently claiming to be the Saiyan's ultimate form in the Tournament of Power.

Mastered Ultra-Instinct

On Twitter, anime content creator and translator Herms shared on his official account the latest image released by the team behind "Dragon Ball Super." The image shows a shirtless Son Goku [VIDEO] looking fiercely with grey fumes surrounding him.

His hair, unlike the teaser image, is black and the grey highlights are now gone.

His chest looks more chiseled and the purple-ish color in the background is replaced with a blue-ish shade. While it is not yet officially confirmed that it is Son Goku's final form in the Tournament of Power, many fans assumed that it ìs the product of the Saiyan's emotion after Vegeta is eliminated by Jiren the Gray.

If the latest leaked image is accurate and the spoilers for Episode 128 are both true then it is possible that Goku has surpassed the god of destruction Beerus in this aspect. Whis, Universe 7's angel of destruction once said that Beerus has not yet mastered the godly technique.


In the most recent spoilers for the upcoming episode of the popular anime series, it is revealed that the Prince of All Saiyans will face the strongest Pride Trooper alone seeing that Son Goku is badly injured. It also states that while lying on the ground, the fan-favorite Saiyan intently looked at Vegeta and Jiren's fight [VIDEO]. Could this be the trigger point of the fan-favorite Saiyan in order for him to unleash the mastered version of the godly technique known as Ultra-Instinct?

While some fans are speculating that it is too premature for Son Goku to master the technique given the span of time, it is highly likely that the fan-favorite Saiyan will master the technique because of his desire to defeat Jiren the Gray and to protect Universe 7. In addition, the sacrifice of Android 17 could also trigger him to master the form. Episode 128 of "Dragon Ball Super" is another explosive episode that fans would not want to miss.