Episode 126 of “Dragon Ball Super” recently aired and fans are still in awe of the things that transpired. There are many points worth noting in the most recent episode that might affect the four remaining episodes of the popular anime series. This includes the battle between the team leader of Universe 11, Toppo, and the Prince of All Saiyans from Universe 7, Vegeta. The fandom was shocked when Vegeta overpowered Toppo, who appeared to be indestructible because, at that time, he was cloaked with the power of a god of destruction.

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The latest episode reveals how the power of a god of destruction can be achieved. Observations from Twitter were used in this article.

The power of destruction

In the latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw Vegeta in his best fighting form eliminating one of the toughest opponents in the Tournament of Power.

Initially, many did not buy the idea [VIDEO] that he will defeat Toppo because the former is still busy fighting Jiren the Gray and the latter is so powerful having been able to unleash the power of a god of destruction. Surprisingly, Vegeta defeated Toppo in a classy and proud fashion. It is worth noting that during their battle, the team leader from Universe 11 mocked Vegeta for not casting his thoughts aside while fighting. He boasted that when he is in the arena, he has nothing in mind but fighting for the survival of Universe 11. He even scoffed at the Prince of All Saiyans for his Saiyan’s pride in thinking about his promise to Cabba.

In the previous episode of the popular anime series, Whis said during their training that the only way for Son Goku and Vegeta to break through their limits and ascend to greater heights of power is when they will know how they can both free their minds and let their bodies move on their own.

It appears that the same applies to achieving the power of a god of destruction or Hakai [VIDEO]. Toppo repeatedly told Vegeta that he was able to unleash his power because he cast everything aside while fighting. Whis said that in order to break through one’s limit, one must free their mind of anything.

Other details

In addition, Toppo reached this level of power when he later decided to abolish his belief in justice and embraced Hakai. One blogger claimed that the source of the Hakai is seen in Toppo’s body represented by the shapes that glow when he fires his attacks. This symbol, according to the anime blogger, is the sign of the god of destruction.

Meanwhile, Episode 127 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on February 17. It will highlight the fight between Universe 7 and Universe 11 fighters. Fans are excited to see if Android 17 will be able to execute his life-risking stunt and will successfully defeat the strongest Pride Trooper, Jiren the Gray.