Over the weekend, "Dragon Ball Super" aired its 127th episode. There are many interesting points worth noting in the most recent episode that many fans failed to see. This includes the sacrifice of the android turned human known among the fans as Android 17. His death came as a surprise to almost everyone.

Aside from 17's death, the backstory of the strongest Pride Trooper was finally revealed. While it unravels a lot about Jiren the Gray, many interesting details could help the fans understand and get to know the Pride Trooper deeper.

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Into his eyes

Episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super" tells the story of the strongest Pride Trooper — Jiren, the Gay. He is one of the most mysterious characters in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO] of the anime series' Universe Survival Arc.

While his backstory reveals his dark and lonely past, it also explains his unbelievable strength.

Universe 11's god of destruction Vermouth shares his story to everyone present in the arena of the world of the void. The young Jiren witnessed how the “Evil-Doer destroyed his family and his entire community.” This motivated him to become stronger and more powerful. While those who have heard his story feel sad for him, Android 17 thinks otherwise.

The android turned human believes that Jiren the Gray was just using his Pride Trooper comrades for his own purpose. 17 points out that he is a man obsessed with his past and believes that if he wins he can return things back to what they are. The strongest Pride Trooper thinks that strength is absolute and those who have the strength can command the weak that have no choice but to obey.

Utmost wish

While it was not directly revealed in the most recent episode of the popular anime series, fans now have the idea about the content of Jiren’s wish. It is worth noting that when he was about to fight Son Goku in the series’ one-hour special [VIDEO], it was Vermouth’s motivation for him to fight.

It is possible that Jiren’s wish involves the restoration of his community along with his parents. It is also highly likely that he would like to wish to the super dragon balls to finally meet the evil-doer who was the root of his obsession with strength and power and fight with toe to toe.

Meanwhile, Episode 128 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on February 18. It is titled, “Saiyan Pride Till The End, Vegeta Falls” and will feature the Prince of All Saiyans as he risks his life fighting for Universe 7.