Episode 126 of “Dragon Ball Super” showed the Prince of All Saiyans from Universe 7 kicked out one of the toughest opponents in the Tournament of Power. Over the weekend, fans saw the product of Vegeta’s hard work, his passion as a fighter, and his pride as a Saiyan. Interestingly, he unleashed his trump card to defeat his indestructible opponent and saved Universe 7 from all the possible troubles that Toppo could bring. This technique is the same attack he used to Majin Buu, the only difference is this time, he was able to withstand this massive energy without getting himself killed.

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The product of determination

In the previous episodes of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw how the Prince of All Saiyans worked really hard to improve himself as a fighter.

He even went the extra mile and sought the help of the Angel of Destruction Whis to polish his fighting style [VIDEO]. Like Son Goku, Vegeta is of the warrior race and with a Saiyan blood running through his veins, his desire to be better than his old self and Son Goku is inevitable. He has broken Bulma’s gravity chamber countless times because of his training regimen. In addition, his Saiyan pride is greater than the fan-favorite Saiyan is unflinching, since he knew Son Goku.

In the latest episode of the popular anime series, fans saw the product of Vegeta’s hard work when he fought against Toppo, who has within him the power of destruction. For a couple of episodes, Toppo was the troublesome fighter that has the capability to eliminate all the fighters of Universe 7 in the arena of the World of the Void.

Interestingly, he found his match in Vegeta. The Saiyan reached his new form, Super Saiyan Blue and beyond, and unleashed his self-destructing Final Explosion.

Power containment

Many fans were nervous when Vegeta unleashed this insurmountable power. Some thought that he would sacrifice his life in the Tournament of Power in order to protect Universe 7 from total destruction. When the dust settled, Toppo was eliminated and the Prince of All Saiyans [VIDEO] survived in the arena. Because of his hard work, passion, and his Saiyan pride, Vegeta withstood his Final Explosion. So far, he has the most number of fighters eliminated in the Tournament of Power. Based on the number of eliminated opponents, the Prince of All Saiyans is certainly the most valuable player.

Meanwhile, Episode 127 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to air on February 17. It will showcase the fight of Universe 7’s Son Goku, Android 17, and Vegeta against Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray.