Dragon Ball Super” aired a new episode over the weekend that shocked the fandom. The self-sacrifice that Android 17 made in the most recent episode brings mixed feelings of sadness and admiration to most of the fans. In addition, the team behind the anime series tells of the backstory of one of the most mysterious characters in the Tournament of Power—Jiren the Gray. There are only three minutes remaining until the tournament in the World of the Void ends and fans are preparing themselves for more exciting, explosive, and surprising episodes ahead.

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Fans are again surprised to see Bulma featured in the preview of the next episode of the popular anime.

Episode preview

Right after the airing of Episode 127 of “Dragon Ball Super,” a brief preview of the upcoming episode was shown.

It featured the Prince of All Saiyans as he fights with one leg against the strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11. The brief video that lasts for only 30 seconds is packed with explosive scenes that certainly entice fans to be excited about the upcoming episode. Vegeta is shown shirtless with a black eye. In the middle of the explosive battle, Bulma appears. Spoilers from FujiTV [VIDEO] translated by the popular anime content creator Herms reveal that The Prince of All Saiyans lost his consciousness and starts hearing Bulma’s voice.

In one of the previous episodes, Vegeta was impassioned with his fight against Toppo because he was thinking of Bulma, Trunks, Bulla, and even his promise to Cabba. These are his reasons for fighting and risking his own life in the Tournament of Power. It appears that the team behind the popular anime is slowly building up the Prince of All Saiyans [VIDEO].

This has been long overdue and many fans believe that the proud Saiyan deserves his own spotlight for his contributions in the latest competition. In terms of the number of opponents eliminated, he is the one with the highest record. If the tournament’s MVP would be based on this criteria, Vegeta will surely be the MVP.

Other details

The spoilers also reveal that the prince is going to fight Jiren the Gray, despite that his energy is near zero and he is near his physical limits. This is such a noble act that is so unlike the Vegeta that fans knew way back in “Dragon Ball Z” days. Many fans expect that the proud prince will never go down without putting up a good fight against Jiren. Episode 128 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on February 18. It is titled “Noble Pride To The End, Vegeta Falls.” Meanwhile, you can check out the latest preview below.