A few hours ago a new preview of episode 128 of "Dragon Ball Super" was revealed, which will show us the fall of one the best warriors in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO], after proving, once again, his great pride and perseverance in the final battle against Jiren. Here we reveal the official summary of this episode.

Episode 128: Vegeta’s fall

Watching an injured Goku, Vegeta decides to face Jiren on his own. Despite Jiren’s incredible power and being constantly beaten by him, Vegeta continues to maintain his pride as a Saiyan.

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On the other hand, a severely injured Goku watches the battle that Vegeta’s having with Jiren. While he watches, Goku thinks about what kind of feelings will come out of Vegeta and if he will recover his energy to be able to fight against Jiren.

Once again, Vegeta will go for the victory against Jiren. But, the Saiyan Prince [VIDEO] no longer has the energy or strength to face the warrior from Universe 11 now that he has unleashed all his power. However, Vegeta's pride drives him forward and he continues to fight non-stop.

On the other side, Goku is severely injured after the battle we’re going to see in episode 127, where Android 17 will sacrifice himself so Jiren doesn’t eliminate Son Goku and Vegeta.

Where is Frieza?

After the explosion generated by Vegeta's attack on Toppo, nothing was heard about Frieza. Some people think Frieza died after the explosion, although this is unlikely. The most logical thing is that Frieza must be hidden, waiting for the right moment to reappear.

A very interesting fact is that a few months ago, the “Dragon Ball Heroes” game showed us in one of their animations how Frieza and Goku faced Jiren on the platform of the World of Void in what would be the end of the tournament.

Clearly, the game again predicted what would happen many months later.

Episode 127 will be one of the saddest episodes in this saga, since Vegeta won’t be able to fulfill his promise to Cabba to win the tournament. However, Vegeta has given his best to get to the end and has exceeded his limits like no one else has. This character has suffered countless humiliations throughout the history of the show, and this last "Dragon Ball Super" saga has been the most glorious for the Saiyan Prince.

So far this has been the latest news referring to the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we'll be communicating it as soon as possible.

For more information, we leave the preview of episode 127 in which Android 17 will sacrifice himself to stop Jiren and save Goku and Vegeta.