The Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” is fast approaching its end. After Episode 128, there are only a couple of minutes remaining until the Tournament of Power finishes. Since the start of the hotly contested competition, the team behind the anime series released a promotional image showing Son Goku sporting what appears to be a new powerful form. The fandom exploded and with excitement, many speculated about this new form and its official name. Some called the form Limit-Breaker, some called it Survivor X, and some called it Ultra-Instinct Omen.

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New information about the official name of Son Goku’s ultimate form in the tournament of Power was just revealed and fans are still talking about it.

Official names

On the social networking site Twitter, popular anime content creator, blogger, and translator named ken Xyro recently revealed the official name of Son Goku’s ultimate form in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.” According to the translator [VIDEO], Son Goku’s final form where he is shown with silver eyes and hair is officially called Ultra-Instinct.

He further clarifies that Goku’s form where he has silver-highlighted hair that fans saw when he first fought Jiren the Gray and was also shown during his fight with Universe 6’s Kefla is called Ultra-Instinct Sign. He explains that the form with Goku’s hair still black is just a form that is simply showing or manifesting signs of Ultra-Instinct.

This also explains why the form appears to be temporary and its power runs out fast. Aside from the fact that the fan-favorite Saiyan was initially still unable to master it, the new form is still new to him. It is worth noting that he was only able to achieve it when he was pushed to his limits.

Perfected form

In Episode 129, fans are looking forward to a more explosive battle between Son Goku and Jiren the Gray. With the spoilers revealing that the fan-favorite Saiyan is going to master the godly form [VIDEO], fans are hoping that he will be able to defeat the strongest Pride Trooper.

When he first fought Jiren, Goku unleashed the Ultra-Instinct’s defensive aspect. When he later fought Kefla, he further uncovered the form’s defensive part. With the mastered Ultra-Instinct, fans believe that he will be able to utilize both the defensive and the offensive part of the godly form.

Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball Super” will be on hiatus on February 25 and will resume its regular airing on March 4. It will officially air Episode 129 and is expected to feature Son Goku in his Ultra-Instinct form.