Fans of "DBS" have been waiting impatiently for the spoilers so that they can have some hints about the upcoming episode. "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]" Episode 127 is going to be released on February 11. Only six worriers are left on the field. Recently, there was the most amazing episode (125). The Tournament of Power is still going on and Toppo [VIDEO] is now the God Of Destruction. Now, most of his fights are with Android 17. But fans already have the idea that 17 will not be able to defeat him by himself.

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Vegeta may get a chance to defeat him or Android 17 might fight him and put an end to the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. We must not forget that Jiren is still there. A report by ComicBook presented most of the information used in the writing of this article.

New spoilers

"DBS" is near its ending. Episode 127 [VIDEO] is important as well as very exciting. It will probably be a Vegeta -entered episode. The title of the episode is “Vegeta fights God of Destruction Toppo.” It seemed that Jiren also joined him (Toppo) against Vegeta. Both of them fight Vegeta and he fights them by himself as well. However, he is not going to be able to fight for long. He will need the help of Goku. Vegeta will realize eventually that he cannot fight them until Goku comes forward to fight by the side of him. Some fans might think that this is never going to happen and Vegeta will defeat them by himself. But it will be more amazing to watch if Goku and Vegeta fight together and combat them together. Though Vegeta is an egoist, he needs to put his ego level down and does everything in his power to save his universe.

Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 are supposed to fight together against Jiren. As 17 is down now, Vegeta must need help. This can be the chance where we will see Goku and Vegeta are fighting side by side. Goku will probably reach his Ultra Instinct by pressing his limits more. This might be the beginning point of the biggest fight. We can only hope that Goku will not use Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] unless it is really necessary. It will be a pleasure to watch Goku vs Jiren. This is all we get till now. Let’s hope there will be more gossip before the releasing of Episode 127.

Facts that we already know

All the fighters of Universe 7 are going to fight together. Jiren will be in his full power. There is going to be a massive fight. Android 17 will include Goku and Jiren in his fighting. Vegeta will show his new capabilities. It seems that Goku will face difficulties while fighting the great source of power, Jiren. Vegeta [VIDEO]will seem to keep his ego in control for the sake of the people of his universe.