The Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” is fast approaching its end as the Tournament of Power finally comes to its final phase. There are only a couple of minutes remaining until the competition that involved several universes with low mortal levels culminates.

Fans are currently talking about Son Goku’s ultimate form that is expected to aid him in defeating the strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11. Several days ago, there are images making rounds on the Internet revealing the fan-favorite Saiyan’s new powerful form. What caught the fans’ attention is the information revealing the Saiyan’s new moves in his new perfected form.


New moves

On the social networking site Twitter, popular anime content creator named Goveta XV shared that “Dragon Ball Super’s” main man; Son Goku will have new moves along with his new form. The content creator revealed that the information came from the Japanese publication V Jump and identified a couple of new moves for Son Goku’s mastered Ultra-Instinct.

These are Accelerated Fighting Spirit and an ultimate technique known as God Super Dance. However, these moves are applicable for the popular game “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.” This will be available along with the game’s DLC.

Fans of the popular anime know very well that the game is not in any way connected with the currently airing anime. However, this latest information gives them something to look forward too since the team behind the anime has been very discreet on information about Son Goku’s new form.


Meanwhile, Toei Animation recently released the preview for Episode 129 of the anime.


It is titled “Limit Super Surpassed, Ultra-Instinct Mastered.” Episode 129 is scheduled to air on March 4, which means that on Sunday, there will be no episode airing.

From the title itself, it is revealed that Son Goku is going to surpass the limits that will result in him mastering the godly power. There are two instances where the fan-favorite Saiyan was able to utilize the Ultra-Instinct Omen. However, in these situations, only some of the elements of the form were used.

For instance, during the one-hour special where he faced Jiren the Gray of Universe 11, he was able to break through his limits and unleashed his Ultra-Instinct form.

However, he was only able to use its defensive elements.

During his fight against Universe 6’s Kefla, the fan-favorite Saiyan was able to uncover the form’s offensive element that aided him to defeat the powerful fused character. In the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” it is revealed that Son Goku will master the form. This means that he can use both the offensive and the defensive elements of the godly form.