The Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” is finally approaching its imminent end. After Episode 127, there will only be three minutes remaining until the Tournament of Power ends. Fans are expecting that in the upcoming episodes, they will be served with more explosive battle scenes. Several spoilers reveal that Son Goku will master the godly form popularly known as Ultra-Instinct. Moreover, several images for Episode 128 reveal that the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe 7 will be able to finally connect on his attacks against the strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11—Jiren the gray.

Leaked images

On Twitter, popular anime content creator and blogger Herms shared several cutscenes from the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” In one of the leaked images [VIDEO], it is shown that Son Goku lands an uppercut on Jiren’s stomach while in Ultra-Instinct form.

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It can be recalled that in the previous episodes of the popular anime series, the fan-favorite Saiyan barely connected. While it is undeniable that the Pride Trooper is unbelievably powerful, he was at all times aware of the attacks coming from his opponents.

Despite Android 17, Vegeta, and Son Goku’s efforts, the strongest Pride Trooper managed to shield, retract, and withstand attacks from his enemies. Interestingly, the leaked images reveal that with Son Goku’s perfected Ultra-Instinct form, he is able to close the gap.

Other details

There are other leaked images, including the Prince of the Saiyans fighting on one leg. Earlier spoilers revealed that Vegeta would reach his limit, but would decide to face the fierce onslaught of Jiren [VIDEO].

It was also revealed that Vegeta will be unconscious because of his fight and as his consciousness leaves him, he will hear Bulma’s voice. There are several theories claiming that Vegeta will be killed in Episode 128. Others believe that he will be eliminated. These speculations are understandable since Episode 128 is titled “Noble Pride to the End, Vegeta Falls.”

Other fans believe that Vegeta is fighting for a more noble cause than Jiren the Gray. It was earlier disclosed that Vegeta is fighting for his loved ones, for Universe 7, and for his promise to his fellow Saiyan from Universe 6—Cabba. On the other hand, Jiren is fighting in order to discover what lies beyond strength and to avenge his family and his community that was slaughtered by the “Evil-Doer.” Meanwhile, Episode 128 of “Dragon Ball Super” is set to officially air on February 18. It will feature Vegeta and his battle against Jiren the Gray.