Episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super" aired today and left many fans with a heavy heart. One major and well-loved character was killed in the latest episode of the popular anime series. Fans will no longer see Android 17 in the anime series, and it appears that the Tournament of Power is the last venue where fans can see him in action.

After the most recent episode, the hotly contested tournament has only three minutes remaining until it finally ends. Fans are excited to see the finale of the competition.

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Other fans are betting that Jiren the Gray of Universe 11 will win given his unbelievable power and strength.

Forever gone

The self-sacrificing move made by Android 17 in the latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" left many fans sad.

Since the start of the Tournament of Power, the androids created by Dr.Geru have played an important role in making sure that Universe 7 could make it to the end. It can be recalled that 17 and 18 were transformed from being androids into a human because of the Z fighters' wish to the dragon balls. They have embraced being human and have in fact built their own families. 17 earned the respect of most when he smartly fought alongside the remaining fighters of Universe 7. He went further, however, in the most recent episode when he sacrificed himself to protect Son Goku and Vegeta from Jiren's devastating attack. His sacrifice also gave the Saiyans time to muster energy so they could fight the strongest Pride Trooper once again.

It appears that 17 will be forever gone in the series since he was revived by the dragon balls and can never be revived again [VIDEO].

Many fans cried when he self-destructed knowing that they might not see the smart and brave character again.

Other details

Some fans are arguing that since 17 was killed in the battle; his opponent should be disqualified for breaking one of the rules. However, the Grand Priest clarified that 17 initiated the move and destroyed himself. Therefore, Jiren will not receive any penalty.

Meanwhile, Episode 128 is scheduled to air on February 18. It will feature the Prince of All Saiyans as he fights the strongest Pride Trooper in the Tournament of Power. According to the latest set of spoilers, the next episode is titled "Saiyan Pride Till the End, Vegeta Falls." Many fans believe that this will be the episode where Vegeta will be eliminated from the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. It could also be Son Goku's trigger point where he will unleash his Ultra-Instinct.