Episode 127 of “Dragon Ball Super” has been the center of much speculation among fans. Aside from the explosive battle scenes between the remaining fighters in the arena of the Tournament of Power, the episode inspired great sadness among fans of Android 17. The android-turned-human sacrificed his life in order to protect Son Goku and Vegeta from Jiren’s immeasurable power. The episode also revealed the backstory of Universe 11’s strongest Pride Trooper—Jiren the Gray. Many fans are now speculating about the identity of the “Evil-Doer” who slew the fighter’s loved ones and destroyed his entire village.

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However, there are several fans who found the identity of Jiren’s mentor more interesting.

The kind teacher

About midway through Episode 127 of “Dragon Ball Super,” Universe 11’s God of Destruction Vermouth shared his backstory.

Jiren’s tale is just like the usual plot where a kid was orphaned and vowed to seek revenge for his loss. It’s like the story of Bruce Wayne before he transformed himself into Batman. The lonely and orphaned, Jiren the Gray, was rescued and mentored by his unnamed teacher. This teacher honed the Pride Trooper and prepared him for future [VIDEO] fights against the Evil-Doer. However, his strength was not yet great enough, during that time, and he was defeated by this Evil-Doer when he returned to Jiren’s place. His teacher sacrificed his life in this battle.

While his identity is still being concealed to everyone, his influence on his student lives on. It is very noticeable that Jiren the Gray [VIDEO], despite the chaos around here, retired himself into deep meditation to recharge his body and regain his lost energy from a series of fights against Son Goku and the legendary assassin Hit.

Many fans believe that this meditation was taught to Jiren by his mentor. Most likely, his teacher is involved in this kind of practice of clearing the mind. It is also possible that because of this meditation, he was able to free his mind of everything when he is fighting.

Other details

Like Muten Roshi, Jiren’s mentor may not be as strong as his student, right now, but he has wisdom and experience that are priceless. His teachings were essential to the strongest Pride Trooper as he was rescued during his formative years. Meanwhile, Episode 128 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to air on February 18. It is titled, “Noble Pride to the End, Vegeta Falls.” It will showcase Vegeta fighting with one leg against Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray.