Just hours before its premiere, the first images of episode 128 [VIDEO] of "Dragon Ball Super" have been revealed. This episode will show us Vegeta’s last battle in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO], since the Saiyan Prince will be eliminated by Jiren, giving place, once again, to Goku’s Ultra Instinct.

Amazing images

The first image shows us a defeated Vegeta, who lies down on the ground severely injured and tired because of the hard fight against Jiren.

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Vegeta ran out of energy after eliminating Toppo, so Jiren, who’s physically intact, will corner him with attacks that will severely damage the Prince Saiyajin.

The second image shows us Goku, once again, with the Ultra Instinct (Migatte no Gokui).

We can see how Son Goku strikes a blow to Jiren’s abdomen, although the image is of little relevance since it’s a close-up of Goku's attack, who seems to be 100 percent in the trance of angelic form.

The third image shows us Vegeta, again, shortly before his final defeat. In this image, we can see the proud warrior preparing his typical technique “Final Shine Attack,” although with little power since he’s in his base form.

Spoiler alert

A fourth image shows us what we believe is the final scene of episode 128, where we can see Jiren on the right side and Goku on the left side. The final battle will be decided by episodes 129 and/or 130, so Goku will have to give everything he has in order to win.There’s a fifth image that also corresponds to Goku, in which we see how he’s managed the Ultra Instinct.

This image is from the scene where the charismatic Saiyan warrior activates this form, longed for by the Gods of Destruction, once again.

The final battle

Though the final battle is focused mainly on Goku and Jiren, it is unknown if Frieza will be eliminated in episode 128. If not, we must be aware, since the former emperor from Universe 7 could have a fundamental role in the final stage of this last great battle. He remains badly wounded but still on the tournament platform. We don’t know the exact way in which it could happen, but we believe that Frieza could be a crucial part of Universe 7’s victory.

This has been the latest information about the "Dragon Ball" world. We remind you that episode 128 will be premiered on February 17. If there is more news related to this, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.

Then we leave you with a preview of episode 128 of "Dragon Ball Super" in which we will see how Vegeta is eliminated from the tournament by Jiren.