Episode 125 of "Dragon Ball Super" showcased the ascension of power for the team leader of the Pride Troopers — Toppo. Fans witnessed in the most recent episode that when necessity calls, Toppo could unleash this powerful form. The Tournament of Power is now on its last five minutes and there are only a couple of fighters left from Universe 11. With a pint of desperation to protect his universe from annihilation, the team leader unleashed his god of destruction power and brutally manhandled his opponents — Frieza and Android 17.

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Interestingly, a new set of spoilers for the upcoming episode of the popular anime series appears to hint at Toppo's elimination.

Last stand

Several days ago, leaked spoilers for Episode 126 of "Dragon Ball Super" revealed that the Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta, is going all out against Pride Trooper's team leader Toppo.

The episode's title hints at the possibility that Vegeta might surpass the level of his opponent in their upcoming battle. Interestingly, the latest spoilers, leaked today, for Episode 127 appear to confirm Toppo's coming elimination.

On Twitter, Yonkou Productions uploaded the latest scan of the Japanese Publication, Jump magazine, which contained a synopsis for Episode 127. As translated by the popular anime content creator and blogger Herms [VIDEO], the upcoming episode tells about the fight of Android 17, Vegeta, and Son Goku against the strongest Pride Trooper Jiren the Gray. It also reveals that Android 17 will go all out and will make a life-threatening move in order for Universe 7 to win. Episode 127 will turn expectations to the fighter with infinite stamina to win in the Tournament of Power.

The spoilers give the title as "The Approaching Obstacle! Entrusting Hope To The Final Barrier !!" In addition, it talks about the state of Android 17 being wounded from his previous fight. Nowhere in the spoiler was Toppo’s name mentioned.

Other details

Several fans assume that, because of this, Toppo is already eliminated in the Tournament of Power. It is possible that Vegeta has overpowered him and kicked him out of the arena. This happened in the previous spoiler where Gohan was also not mentioned as part of the action. Another detail that is worth noting in the leaked spoilers is the fact that Jiren the Gray [VIDEO] is fighting against three powerful fighters without mentioning Toppo's name. If the team leader of the Pride Trooper is still in the competition, it is impossible for him not to help Jiren given that the fate of their universe lies on their shoulders. Episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on February 11.