A new set of spoilers for Episode 126 of “Dragon Ball Super” has been recently released and it hints at something interesting about the popular anime series. It appears that the aside from Toppo unleashing his God of Destruction power, there is another character that will surpass the Gods of Destruction. It is worth noting that in the most recent episode, the team leader of the Pride Troopers showcased his unbelievable power against his opponents to defend and protect Universe 11.

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Even the supervillain from hell, Frieza, and Android 17 could not stand his immeasurable power of Destruction.

Latest Spoilers

Just recently, a new set of spoilers for episode 126 of “Dragon Ball Super” was making waves online because of its title.

As translated by the popular anime content creator and translator Herms, Episode 126 is titled “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow! Vegeta attacks Toppo.” Many fans were quick to conclude that Vegeta will surpass the level of God of Destruction. It is possible that the new set of spoilers are figuratively referring to Vegeta being able to beat Toppo [VIDEO] and has a power level that is greater than that of his opponent. Toppo, as a candidate for God of Destruction and having access to Hakai is considered a God of Destruction. Technically, he is not yet a God of Destruction since Vermouth is still the reigning god of Universe 11.

Trained by the Angel of Destruction

Universe 11’s Angel of Destruction, Macarita, trained Toppo while Son Goku and Vegeta were trained by Universe 7’s Whiz.

In terms of training, these three warriors were handled by the best since these angels were also responsible for training each universe’s God of Destruction. It is possible that in terms of fighting styles, these powerful fighters belong to the same league [VIDEO]. The only difference, most probably, is that Son Goku and Vegeta are Saiyans and their warrior genes intensify as they stay longer in the battle.

Other details

It is possible that because of Vegeta’s new limit-breaking form and because of his desire to be the MVP at the Tournament of Power, he will be able to beat Toppo in their upcoming fight. After Episode 125, there are only five minutes remaining until the hotly contested tournament comes to an end and the winner will be declared. Meanwhile, Episode 126 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on February 4. It will feature the continuation of the battle between Android 17 and Toppo. It will also showcase the fight between Vegeta and the team leader of the Pride Troopers.