The latest set of spoilers for the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” have officially ended many speculations. It appears that the ultimate battle in the finale of the Tournament of Power in the World of the Void has been revealed. The most recent episode showed the great sacrifice of Android 17 for the survival of Universe 7. The upcoming episodes will also show that the Prince of All Saiyans will go for an all-out war against the strongest Pride Trooper, putting his life at risk.

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However, how will Son Goku be able to defeat the toughest opponent in the Tournament of Power? Will Ultra-Instinct be enough?

Can he be defeated?

It appears that the rematch between Son Goku of Universe 7 and Jiren the Gray of Universe 11 is going to happen.

The latest set of spoilers reveals that Son Goku will master the godly technique [VIDEO] just in time to face the ace fighter of Vermouth’s universe. Many fans are speculating that there is a great chance that the fan-favorite Saiyan might not be able to win the fight despite mastering Ultra-Instinct. However, in previous episodes of the popular anime series, the team already revealed several clues and details as to how this form could defeat the strongest Pride Trooper.

Android 17, before being killed in the previous episode, discovered that even though Jiren is powerful both defensively and offensively, he can be hurt if he is not aware of the attack. While he is unstoppable when he knows what is coming, 17 sneaking to his back and firing a massive attack point-blank shattered his defenses.

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With the aid of the spoilers, it is now very clear that the result of the tournament could sway in favor of Universe 7. It seems that Jiren the Gray will be beaten by Son Goku’s Ultra Instinct. It is worth noting that during the one-hour special of the fan-favorite anime series, Son Goku tapped the defensive aspect of the godly technique. Whis explained during Son Goku’s fight [VIDEO] with Universe 6’s Kefla that the fan-favorite Saiyan is yet to uncover the offensive element of the technique. In “Dragon Ball Z,” Son Goku was able to access Super Saiyan in the earlier episodes and was up to full power in the final battle. The same applies to Ultra-Instinct.

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As pointed out by Android 17, Jiren’s power and strength require awareness. If Son Goku is going to utilize the defensive and the offensive elements of Ultra-Instinct he will be able to outpace the strongest Pride Trooper, deflect his powerful attacks, and break through his defenses. It is going to be a spectacular finale as the Tournament of Power ends the Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super.”