Son Goku’s new powerful form that will be shown to fans on Episode 129 of “Dragon Ball Super” was recently leaked online. Since the commencement of the Tournament of Power in the anime’s Universe Survival Arc, fans have been endlessly talking and speculating about the latest form of the legendary Saiyan: Son Goku. Fans were able to get a glimpse of this new form during the anime’s one-hour special where the fan-favorite Saiyan partially unlocked this godly form. The form is so powerful that it bridged the power gap between him and his overpowered opponent—Jiren the Gray.

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Interestingly, a new photo is making rounds on several social media sites claiming that this is how the fan-favorite Saiyan will look like on the upcoming episode of the anime.

Mastered ultra-instinct

Dragon Ball Super” has introduced Son Goku to the fandom as the kind-hearted fighter who is willing to lay down his life for his friends and for his planet. The iconic character has made unprecedented progress in terms of his power level through time. In Dragon Ball Z, [VIDEO] fans saw him reach his Super Saiyan form. In the latest anime, Son Goku was able to unleash a godly form that is believed to be specifically designated for angels and gods of destruction.

Heroes giving clues

When the fan-favorite Saiyan achieved the Ultra-Instinct form, he was only able to utilize its defensive part. Several speculations within the fandom claim that in Episode 129, fans will be able to witness Son Goku master the godly form. On Twitter, anime content creator under the name GovetaXV [VIDEO] shared the new Son Goku that fans will see in the upcoming episodes.

The leaked was from “Dragon Ball Heroes.” In several images, the arcade game has teased images that were later on proven accurate with the anime. It once teased that image showing Jiren the Gray, Frieza, and Son Goku. It was later confirmed that these three powerful fighters will be the final three survivors in the Tournament of Power. In addition, it also revealed the name of Son Goku’s new form during the time the anime series is still hiding it from the fandom. The term Ultra-Instinct Omen was first teased in “Dragon Ball Heroes.”

Fans are confident that this latest leaked image is indeed the same image of Son Goku as he faces Jiren the Gray in the final battle of the Tournament of Power. There are only a couple of minutes remaining until the hotly contested tournament in the Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” ends.