The Tournament of Power of the Universe Survival Arc in “Dragon Ball Super” is finally nearing its finale. After Episode 128, there are only a couple of minutes remaining until the hotly contested tournament ends. At present, only two universes are fighting for survival, Universe 7 and Universe 11. In the course of the competition, fans discovered that Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray is an overpowered fighter with immeasurable strength and unbelievable power. Many believe that if based on power and strength level, the strongest Pride Trooper is already the winner.

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However, a new image recently surfaced online showing Universe 7’s Son Goku in his Mastered Ultra-Instinct form. This raised many questions and speculations if this powerful form can defeat the Pride Trooper.

One interesting claim that many fans are talking about is the explanation for the Saiyan’s hair color when in this perfected form.

Goku’s godly form

Dragon Ball Super” has introduced several interesting and powerful forms of the fan-favorite Saiyan popularly known as Son Goku. The Saiyan can now ascend to higher power levels; this includes Super Saiyan God and the godly form also known as Ultra-Instinct Omen [VIDEO]. Several fans right now are wondering why his hair has changed its color even though the form is not that of the Saiyans. The widely accepted reason right now is that this form is specifically intended for gods and angels of destruction. The fan-favorite Saiyan’s hair is similar to that of Whis, Universe 7’s angel of destruction and even to their father, the Grand Priest Daishinkan.

It is also a common knowledge that this form can only be unleashed if the fighter was able to break through his limits and allow his faculties to move freely. This achievement, compared to other forms is difficult to unlock since one needs to inhibit his mind from controlling his movements. Some fans believe that the angels of destruction are already perfected or Mastered Ultra-Instinct form. It is obvious that these angels are more powerful than their assigned gods of destruction. Whis has the power to teleport and helps Beerus in some of his trainings. The angels also noted that Beerus has not yet mastered the Ultra-Instinct form.

Other details

In the latest preview for Episode 129 of “Dragon Ball Super,” it was revealed that Son Goku would be fighting Jiren the Gray in his Ultra-Instinct form. However, fans will not yet see him in the mastered version [VIDEO] of this powerful form. He will ascend to higher power level in the succeeding episodes.