"Dragon Ball Super" is reaching the new heights of excitement. Fans have seen a number of new forms of the warriors in the Universe Survival arc. During the ending stage of Tournament of Power, fans will now witness Goku going beyond Ultra Instinct. Each passing minute of the tournament bringing new twists and turns. In the upcoming battle, fans will see Jiren and Goku going all out against each other. It is worth mentioning that the anime TV series is in its final stage and will end on March 25.

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To make the TV series memorable, makers might have decided to delight fans with their beloved characters new form.

The final battle

Goku and Jiren are one of the strongest warriors in the "Dragon Ball Super." In a comparison of strength, Jiren The Grey has the upper hand over the Universe 7's fighter.

Both have already fought in the tournament, where the Pride Trooper had defeated the Saiyan. There is a huge possibility that the final battle of 'DBS' will take place among these two fighters. Notably, Goku fighting with Jiren alongside with Vegeta since Episode 122 ("For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge to Be The Strongest!!") but so far the Saiyan's were failed to struggle Jiren. In Chapter 128 of the show, Vegeta will be evicted as per the synopsis. Vegeta's elimination means only Goku will remain alone to battle Jiren at the ending of the tournament, while there is no mention of Frieza in the synopsis of the upcoming episode [VIDEO].

Goku in his new form

Fighting Jiren alone will surely be the toughest task for the Goku. However, Episode 129 [VIDEO] synopsis suggest that the Saiyan will be in his new form.

The title of the episode also suggests the same. According to ComicBook, the synopsis op the episode 129 reads "At last, only Goku and Jiren remain in the arena. Goku is stuck in a tough fight against Jiren's overwhelming attacks. But just then, Goku's pupils start shining silver.” Overall, it will be an intense battle, where fans will see Goku's all new avatar.

The upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is 128, which will release on February 18 and titled "Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!" The Saiyan is expected to sacrifice his life to save some time for Goku to recover his energy. According to SaiyanLand, Vegeta is nearly at his physical limit and now fighting through sheer willpower, with Goku diligently observing! Jiren then closes in for the finishing blow, knocking Vegeta and his pride out of the tournament.